Giants coach's moving response to Greene saga

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GWS Giants manager Leon Cameron says a "clearly remorseful" Toby Greene fronted his teammates to apologise for his actions aft helium was forced to miss different last owed to a suspension.

The three-match prohibition handed down to Greene was a hammer stroke to the Giants' hopes of advancing to a preliminary last aft an inspirational elimination last triumph implicit Sydney.

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Following the Giants' 35-point semi-final loss to Geelong, Cameron said the nine would not "shy away" from Greene's repeated disciplinary issues, but insisted helium would not springiness up connected the 27-year-old either.

"[Greene] needs to enactment his manus up and erstwhile the particulate is settled implicit the adjacent fewer months, we've got to marque definite that he's retired determination much times than not due to the fact that he's not lone large for our footy club, he's large for the game," helium said.

"He's got immoderate challenges and we're not going to fell oregon shy distant from that and we'll enactment done them implicit the pre-season."

Leon Cameron says the nine volition not springiness up connected Toby Greene contempt his repeated disciplinary issues (Getty)

Cameron deed backmost astatine suggestions that Greene had solely outgo his broadside the lucifer against the Cats, arsenic helium opened up connected the prima forward's apology to his teammates.

"We had a fig of players out, it's not conscionable 1 subordinate that costs the team," helium said.

"He was successful beforehand of the radical and intelligibly remorseful passim the week. It was an affectional 10 oregon 15 minutes successful beforehand of our radical passim the week.

"We're not a nine that's going to shy distant from things, we request to enactment retired the rights and the wrongs, and helium got it incorrect past play and puts his manus up.

"As I said passim the week, you don't springiness up connected these players due to the fact that they're similar your children.

"Sometimes your kids bash immoderate things incorrect successful beingness and they request to larn from it and determination on. But he's been a fantastic subordinate for america and I'm truly assured that we'll enactment done immoderate of those challenges successful the pre-season."

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