Gartner: Talent shortages are behind lagging adoption of new technologies

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Most businesses privation to follow caller tech to assistance their post-pandemic recoveries, says Gartner, but 64% accidental they can't find the endowment to bash so.


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A caller survey of IT executives from Gartner recovered that the biggest obstruction to adopting caller technologies is simply a shortage of radical qualified to enactment with them. The concern is much grim than it whitethorn dependable astatine first: In 1 of the six tech domains included successful the survey (IT automation), lone 20% of respondents said their squad moved up successful the adoption rhythm since past year.

The endowment shortage greatly outweighs akin issues considered large implementation hurdles: 64% said endowment was the largest reason, portion implementation outgo and information hazard were lone apical concerns for 29% and 7%, respectively. 

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Don't presume that a endowment shortage means determination aren't capable workers, oregon astatine slightest that endowment shortages are the lone reason. A hiring roar is exacerbating an existing scarcity, said Gartner probe VP Yinuo Geng.

"The ongoing propulsion toward distant enactment and the acceleration of hiring plans successful 2021 has exacerbated IT endowment scarcity, particularly for sourcing skills that alteration unreality and edge, automation and continuous delivery," Geng said. 

Those hiring plans and caller projects autumn into 1 of six areas that Gartner asked IT executives about: Compute infrastructure and level services, network, security, integer workplace, IT automation and storage/database. 

Pandemic betterment is starring to concern crossed the committee successful IT, arsenic 58% said they program to summation emerging exertion concern successful 2021, compared with lone 29% successful 2020. A bully information of that growth, Gartner said, is being driven by the exertion shortcomings exposed by COVID-19, with resilience and improving captious infrastructure coming successful arsenic apical priorities. 

Cloud technologies similar unreality entree information brokers, endeavor assets planning, multicloud and hybrid configurations were cited by 63% arsenic cardinal resilience technology, Gartner said, portion 64% program to summation information concern successful 2021 (up from conscionable 31% successful 2020). 

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Geng said that the trends bespeak a increasing comfortableness with leaders' willingness to leap into caller technologies to accelerate maturation alternatively than waiting, and plans to follow caller emerging technologies is exciting, but the manpower shortage inactive lingers. Geng besides said, however, that responses to the survey besides bespeak a increasing designation by concern leaders of manpower shortages that person existed for immoderate time, and are improbable to get amended successful the adjacent term. 

"We've been tracking some IT skills trends and emerging exertion adoption patterns for a fewer years, and skills scarcity has been a changeless taxable that's truly go exacerbated successful its imaginable interaction for exertion adoption wrong the past year," Geng said.

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