Garmin releases 3 voice-assisted GPS navigation products

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(Pocket-lint) - Garmin is present to simplify your thrust with its latest bid of GPS navigation products — Garmin DriveSmart 66/76/86. You tin present usage elemental dependable commands to navigate and presumption the representation connected 6-inch, 7-inch, oregon 8-inch high-resolution displays. The Garmin DriveSmart provides real-time representation updates of Europe, equipped with cutting-edge alerts for imaginable hazards and biology routing. You tin besides amended your roadworthy trips with instant entree to Tripadvisor traveler ratings and Foursquare POIs.

You tin brace your GPS navigation devices with the Garmin Drive app connected your smartphone to summation instant entree to unrecorded traffic, substance prices, upwind conditions, postulation cameras, and parking spaces. Armed with this information, you tin debar traffic, find parking spots with greater ease, and guarantee you’re ever connected time. The Garmin DriveSmart products person an inbuilt Alexa, truthful you tin besides usage dependable commands to play euphony oregon perceive to audiobooks without taking your hands disconnected the wheel. 

Below, we picture the Garmin DriveSmart products and their astir noteworthy features.

Available successful 3 sizes — 6-inch, 7-inch, and 8-inch

The Garmin DriveSmart bid includes 3 products — Garmin DriveSmart 66/76/86. The 3 products person the aforesaid sets of features and capabilities, but they’re disposable successful antithetic sizes. Garmin DriveSmart 66 has a 6-inch high-resolution display, DriveSmart 76 has a 7-inch high-resolution display, and DriveSmart 86 has an 8-inch high-resolution display.

Smart biology portion routing

The Garmin DriveSmart bid includes astute biology portion routing to springiness real-time updates and warnings astir assorted biology zones. If you’re connected to the Garmin Drive app connected your smartphone, you besides person updates astir unrecorded traffic, substance prices, parking spaces, and upwind conditions, helping you navigate the terrain with ease.

Smart updates for safer driving 

Besides biology zones, the Garmin DriveSmart products besides supply astute notifications and alerts astir schoolhouse zones, velocity changes, and crisp curves. These updates and features summation your situational awareness, helping you thrust safely successful each conditions.

Inbuilt Alexa and dependable navigation

The Garmin DriveSmart bid comes with Alexa built-in, truthful you tin easy alteration music, perceive to podcasts and audiobooks, and perceive the quality with dependable commands. You don’t request to instrumentality your hands disconnected the instrumentality oregon your eyes disconnected the road. The Garmin dependable adjunct besides allows you to participate caller destinations, inquire for directions, and marque telephone calls. However, you tin lone entree these features if you person a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Get acceptable for a roadworthy trip

The Garmin DriveSmart products incorporate respective features designed to amended your roadworthy trips. You tin entree Tripadvisor traveler ratings and millions of Foursquare POIs to find the perfect restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, and different points of involvement connected your mode to the destination.

Inbuilt WiFi connectivity

The Garmin DriveSmart Series includes inbuilt WiFi connectivity, which means it volition automatically update the representation and bundle without computers. Furthermore, betwixt the WiFi and your GPS connection, you tin beryllium definite that you won’t suffer connectivity.

Charge your phones and devices

When you spell connected agelong drives, your phones and different devices are bound to tally retired of juice. The Garmin DriveSmart products see dual USB chargers, giving you other USB ports to complaint your devices, specified arsenic phones and tablets. This ensures that you ne'er tally retired of battery.

Based connected each of these features, it’s wide that Garmin DriveSmart is 1 of the smartest and astir precocious bid of sat-nav products connected the market. Whether you’re driving abbreviated distances successful the metropolis oregon taking agelong roadworthy trips, it’s the perfect accompaniment for each your driving requirements successful Europe.

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