Gamescom 2021, Psychonauts 2 Review, And Riders Republic | GI Show

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Welcome backmost to different breathtaking variation of The Game Informer Show, where we're breaking down a immense slate of announcements from Gamescom Opening Night Live, including looks astatine Saints Row, Halo Infinite, and truthful overmuch more! We adjacent got a February merchandise day for Horizon Forbidden West. We're besides discussing our Psychonauts 2 reappraisal and our hands-on clip with Riders Republic! 

If that wasn't enough, The Council of Alexes is joined by GI's ain EIC Andrew Reiner and peculiar impermanent Jesse Vitelli, exertion astatine Prima Games, for each the fun. 

On apical of different fantabulous conception of Community Emails, we besides possibly articulation a cult? You'll conscionable person to tune successful to find out.

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