Game Boy And Game Boy Color Games Are Reportedly Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon

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Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch arsenic portion of the hybrid console's Online library. New hardware, aforesaid large memories. 

In a caller study from the bully folks implicit at Eurogameran wrong root has confirmed to the tract that this epoch of gaming is yet making it onto the Nintendo Switch Online library. This study follows blistery connected the heels of a podcast earlier this week that claimed the same. When Game Informer reached retired to our sources, we were simply told they were "on the way," though nary day was offered. 

The Nintendo Switch Online work is different subscription enactment for gaming, and it opens up the Switch acquisition to adjacent much games to enjoy, heralding from times of the past for players to reminisce over. With truthful galore astonishing adventures connected Nintendo's earlier handheld platforms, we're excited to spot which titles are making the chopped into this procreation of video games. 

With implicit 100 games already successful the Nintendo Switch Online library, consisting of NES and SNES favorites done the years, the summation of Game Boy titles conscionable makes the work that overmuch sweeter. Especially truthful for gamers of older generations, similar myself. 

There is nary connection yet from Nintendo arsenic portion of an authoritative confirmation, but we haven't had a Nintendo showcase successful a small bit, which means it wouldn't beryllium that far-fetched to judge that a imaginable uncover could beryllium connected the skyline soon.

So, we person to ask: if this study proves true, what are immoderate of your favourite Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles would you similar to revisit connected the Switch? Shout that gaming emotion retired large and arrogant successful the remark conception below! 

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