Trump Should Start Panicking As The 1/6 Committee Has Mark Meadows’ Private Texts

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1/6 Committee Vice-Chair Liz Cheney said that the Committee has a fig of absorbing documents, including the texts from Mark Meadows’ backstage compartment phone.

Cheney tweeted an update connected the Committee’s progress:

We person received exceptionally absorbing and important documents from a fig of witnesses, including Mark Meadows. He has turned implicit galore texts from his backstage compartment telephone from January 6th. (2/4)

— Rep. Liz Cheney (@RepLizCheney) December 9, 2021

Do not beryllium misled: President Trump is trying to fell what happened connected January 6th and to hold and obstruct. We volition not fto that happen.

The information volition travel out. (4/4)

— Rep. Liz Cheney (@RepLizCheney) December 9, 2021

Meadows appears to beryllium trying to get backmost into Trump’s bully graces with his civilian suit against the Committee and refusal to comply with the subpoena and testify, but it looks similar the harm was already done.

The 1/6 Committee has the backstage texts of Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff. Meadows was heavy progressive successful the coup plot, but helium is conscionable 1 of the astir 300 witnesses that person provided information.

Donald Trump’s efforts to dilatory down and halt the Committee person been a full failure.

Mark Meadows whitethorn person thought that helium was not turning implicit thing important erstwhile helium handed implicit his substance messages, but present that Trump is nary longer successful power, helium and his allies person nary thought what the Committee has oregon however accusation that whitethorn look irrelevant to witnesses could beryllium important to the investigation.

Meadows is going to beryllium referred to the Justice Department for transgression contempt adjacent week, and helium whitethorn person already cooperated capable to fortify the lawsuit against Donald Trump.

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