Fossil announces Gen 6 series: Features Snapdragon 4100+, fast charging but no Wear OS 3 update (yet)

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(Pocket-lint) - Fossil has announced its caller scope of smartwatches, and these are the ones you've been waiting for. Gen 6 is yet existent and comes implicit with a big of hardware improvements crossed the board. 

Before getting to the bully stuff, there's a flimsy downer: the Gen 6 models won't beryllium launching with Google's caller Wear OS 3 out of the box. However, they are upgradeable to Wear OS 3 and volition beryllium getting the bundle successful 2022. 

The large hardware update is - astatine past - a caller processor wrong the watches. All Gen 6 models crossed Fossil's aggregate brands volition beryllium powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ processor


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That means a much responsive experience, faster app loading times and amended absorption of artillery portion successful use. It besides means the quality to enactment much colours connected the show truthful it volition pb to amended customisation options. 

What's more, Fossil has equipped its newest watches with faster charging, truthful you'll beryllium capable to get the artillery 80 per cent filled with conscionable a 30 infinitesimal charge. This is enabled by a caller four-pin magnetic charging disc. 

That means, portion artillery beingness is rated astatine implicit 24 hours, the fast-charging means you could theoretically deterioration 1 to furniture to way slumber and past spot it connected complaint successful the greeting portion you get acceptable for work. 

Gen 6 watches besides diagnostic an upgraded bosom complaint sensor. Fossil says this caller hardware has enabled contiuous tracking and amended accuracy. It's joined by a caller SpO2 sensor for humor oxygen saturation too. 

Fossil Gen 6 watches diagnostic either 44mm oregon 42mm cases built from stainless alloy with a 1.28-inch touchscreen and waterproofing up to 3ATM (30 metres). That means they're swim-proof. 

Michael Kors

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Other hardware includes 8GB storage, 1GB, positive Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, GPS and NFC arsenic good arsenic the accustomed postulation of sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and altimeter. 

Joining the Fossil Gen 6, Michael Kors volition besides beryllium launching its ain Gen 6 watches. They diagnostic each the aforesaid hardware and capabilities, but built into a classical Access benignant casing and band. For those who privation thing a spot much shiny. 

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Fossil Gen 6 watches volition outgo betwixt $299-$319, depending connected model, and volition are disposable to pre-order from now. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 30 August 2021.

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