6 More Subpoenas Issued in House Panel’s Jan. 6 Investigation

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Those issued subpoenas included 2 men who met with President Donald J. Trump successful his backstage eating country connected Jan. 4 and Mr. Trump’s erstwhile governmental affairs director.

Representative Bennie Thompson, Democrat of Mississippi, leads the House committee   investigating the Jan. 6 onslaught  connected  the Capitol.
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Dec. 10, 2021Updated 3:45 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 onslaught connected the Capitol issued six caller subpoenas connected Friday, digging deeper into the rallies that preceded the mob unit and organizers’ meetings with President Donald J. Trump.

Those issued subpoenas Friday included Robert “Bobby” Peede Jr., a erstwhile manager of the White House beforehand squad and Max Miller, a erstwhile Trump White House aide, who some met with Mr. Trump successful his backstage eating country by the Oval Office connected Jan. 4 to sermon the rally planned for 2 days aboriginal astatine the Ellipse, a parkland conscionable southbound of the White House; and Brian Jack, Mr. Trump’s erstwhile governmental affairs manager who reached retired to respective members of Congress to inquire them to talk astatine the Jan. 6 rally. Mr. Jack is presently the governmental manager for Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the Republican leader.

Representative Mo Brooks, Republican of Alabama, accepted Mr. Jack’s invitation, the committee said. At the rally, Mr. Brooks wore assemblage armor onstage arsenic helium told the assemblage to “start taking down names and kicking ass.”

“Some of the witnesses we subpoenaed contiguous seemingly worked to signifier the rallies connected Jan. 5 and 6, and immoderate appeared to person had nonstop connection with the erstwhile president regarding the rally astatine the Ellipse straight preceding the onslaught connected the U.S. Capitol,” Representative Bennie Thompson, Democrat of Mississippi and the president of the committee, said successful a statement. “The prime committee expects these witnesses to articulation the hundreds of individuals who person already cooperated with our probe arsenic we enactment to supply the American radical with answers astir what happened connected Jan. 6 and guarantee thing similar that time ever happens again.”

The committee besides issued subpoenas for Bryan Lewis, who obtained a licence for a rally extracurricular the Capitol connected Jan. 6 to “urge Congress to nullify electoral votes from states that made amerciable changes to voting rules during their elections”; and Ed Martin, an organizer of the Stop the Steal question who the committee said was progressive successful the readying and financing of the rally instantly earlier the attack.

The committee said Mr. Martin worked intimately with Ali Alexander, a salient organizer of Stop the Steal rallies astir the state who has ties to far-right members of Congress. Mr. Alexander is cooperating with committee, delivering a trove of documents that could shed airy connected the activities preceding the attack. At Stop the Steal events successful the weeks starring up to Jan. 6, helium repeatedly referred to the imaginable usage of unit to execute his organization’s goals, including starring a assemblage successful Washington connected Jan. 5 successful a chant of “victory oregon death.” He claimed to person been successful connection with the White House and members of Congress astir events planned to undermine Congress’s authoritative number of the Electoral College results.

The sheet besides issued a subpoena to Kimberly Fletcher and her organization, Moms for America, which helped signifier a Jan. 5 rally astatine Freedom Plaza and the Jan. 6 rally astatine the Ellipse supporting Mr. Trump’s mendacious allegations of predetermination fraud.

The subpoenas telephone for the witnesses to nutrient documents this period and to beryllium for depositions successful January.

The committee has already interviewed astir 300 witnesses, including 4 connected Thursday, but has voted doubly to find uncooperative allies of the erstwhile president successful contempt. This week, the sheet announced it would ballot connected Monday to urge Mark Meadows, Mr. Trump’s erstwhile main of staff, beryllium recovered successful transgression contempt of Congress for defying its subpoena.

Among the witnesses interviewed connected Thursday successful a nondescript national bureau gathering successful Washington were Mr. Alexander, who has sought to displacement the blasted for the mob unit onto others; and Kash Patel, a erstwhile Pentagon main of unit who was progressive successful discussions astir Capitol information and successful changeless interaction with Mr. Meadows the time of the assault.

“We’ve provided the committee with thousands of records,” Mr. Alexander said. “I’m going to spell successful determination and cooperate wherever I can. Where I can’t, I’ll invoke my law rights. But we’ve got tons of grounds for them.”

He claimed the grounds helium was providing to the committee “exonerates” himself, members of Congress and Mr. Trump of playing immoderate relation successful the violence.

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