Former referee devised Knights' 'cunning ploy'

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A cunning ploy, 'bordering connected illegal', devised by a erstwhile referee paved the mode for Mitchell Pearce's match-winning tract extremity for Newcastle.

Three Knights players stood adjacent to the dummyhalf arsenic the shot was played successful the last infinitesimal with the scores locked astatine 14-all.

The trio made it harder for defenders moving towards Pearce to complaint down the footwear and helium had clip to cookware the decisive tract goal.

The ploy was devised by erstwhile NRL referee Adam Devcich, who has been moving with the Knights for the past 2 seasons.

Newcastle players support Mitchell Pearce arsenic helium kicks the match-winning tract extremity against Gold Coast. (Nine)

"Had they been successful a consecutive enactment forming a wall, it should person been a punishment to Gold Coast and past other time," different erstwhile referee, Luke Phillips, told Wide World of Sports.

"But due to the fact that they were staggered, determination is nary instrumentality against it.

Mitchell Pearce prepares to footwear the match-winning tract extremity against Gold Coast. (Nine)

"The ploy was bordering connected amerciable but wrong the rules. It shows the vantage of having a erstwhile referee connected staff, which astir of the astute clubs person these days."

The last-gasp win ensures that the Knights volition play finals shot this play portion the Titans are present successful a dogfight for eighth spot with respective different teams.

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