Florida ICU Director: We’re Tired of Seeing People Die Because They Refused to Take the Vaccine

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The Delta variant has created chaos crossed the state during the period of August. And the microorganism has been peculiarly devastating successful the Southern portion of the United States. People successful this profoundly reddish country person refused to get the vaccine successful precocious numbers.

Florida has go connected of the planetary epicenters of the pandemic. And politician Ron DeSantis seems to beryllium unwilling to bash thing astir it. The doctors and nurses, however, are fed up with treating the unvaccinated.

During a caller quality connected CNN, Florida ICU Doctor Ahmed Alhaddad told Pamela Brown, “We’re frustrated due to the fact that we’re bushed of seeing radical dice and endure due to the fact that they did not instrumentality a vaccine. The vaccine has been disposable since December 14th. And it’s readily available. Over 350 cardinal doses person been fixed successful the United States. And we’re bushed of telling the families that their loved ones are not going to marque it.”

Florida ICU Director: We're Tired of Seeing People Die Because They Refused to Take the Vaccine https://t.co/x0UxiLxeWR


The ICU Director continued:

“We bash not person a azygous diligent successful the ICU that has been vaccinated, and we person not had a azygous diligent that had the vaccine that has died. It’s adjacent harder erstwhile it’s your friends. I person a diligent present that’s the begetter of 1 of my son’s classmates. And he’s not expected to marque it. He was not vaccinated. And I besides person an ICU caregiver that conscionable delivered a babe and didn’t instrumentality the vaccine due to the fact that she didn’t cognize if it was harmless oregon not.”

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