Five reasons you should check out OneOdio's A70 wireless headphones

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(Pocket-lint) - A bully brace of headphones is an implicit must-have successful the modern world, and wireless pairs, successful particular, are a indispensable for question and work. However, you whitethorn person developed the content that you tin lone get a prime brace of cans by paying a immense amount.

That's mostly existent erstwhile it comes to the large marque names, but determination are smaller options that connection astonishing prime astatine mode little prices - instrumentality OneOdio, for example. Its A70 headphones are a marvel, and we've gathered 5 reasons you should deliberation astir picking them up, close here.


Great sound

We'll commencement with the astir important constituent erstwhile it comes to a bully brace of headphones - the sound! OneOdio's A70 headphones dependable similar a mode pricier brace of headphones, that's for sure, acknowledgment to awesome 40mm drivers that are nicely tuned.

You'll get large bass for almighty songs but besides awesome delicacy, making them coagulated not conscionable for pumped-up tunes but besides for much laid-back genres similar folk. The cardinal is however adaptable they are to your chosen genres.


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Super comfortable

Another cardinal origin wherever headphones are acrophobic is comfortableness - it doesn't substance however bully they dependable if you don't privation to really deterioration them for much than a opus oregon two. OneOdio designed its earcups wholly astir comfortableness and ergonomics, truthful they consciousness large to wear.

You get memory-protein pads that signifier themselves astir your caput and disperse vigor to marque definite you don't consciousness blistery portion you deterioration the A70s, and the brushed leather headband keeps the apical of your caput pillowed arsenic well.


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Folding design

Part of the clever plan of the full headphone is that OneOdio knows radical privation to beryllium capable to store them without needing loads of space. That's wherefore the A70s diagnostic hinged areas to fto you fold them distant into a overmuch smaller signifier factor.

This is cardinal for travelling arsenic good arsenic conscionable leaving them astir your home, letting you get a smaller bundle to propulsion successful your container oregon a carrying case.

Incredible artillery life

Wireless connectivity makes the A70s highly utile (although you tin besides plug them successful for wired playback, truthful it's truly up to your preferences). They've got truly coagulated Bluetooth to fto you clasp a transportation adjacent up to 20 feet away.

Best of all, though, they boast a ridiculously awesome 50-hour artillery life, which is much than treble what a batch of acold bigger brands tin negociate successful their flagship headphones. This means you tin usage them for days astatine a clip earlier you ever request to deliberation astir recharging them.


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Superb value

Finally, though, we travel to a immense origin for anyone looking for caller headphones - the existent price. This is different country wherever OneOdio outstrips truthful galore of its competitors, offering the features that we've laid retired supra astatine a terms that is hard to believe.

It means that you tin get a high-quality brace of headphones for a terms that wouldn't adjacent get you halfway to what bigger brands are demanding, truthful there's each crushed to prime 1 up if you're moving with a smaller budget. You tin pick them up for conscionable £37.00 connected the OneOdio website close now, down from an already stellar regular terms of £58.00, truthful marque definite to drawback yourself a brace portion the connection lasts!


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