Fittler sick to death over Latrell tackle 'hysteria'

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NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler says he's truthful sick of the "hysteria" astir Latrell Mitchell's tackle connected Joey Manu that helium could "vomit successful my mouth".

Amid a week of seemingly endless storylines stemming from the now-infamous incidental successful Friday's spiteful clash betwixt the Roosters and the Rabbitohs, Fittler believed the saga was present venturing into unsafe territory arsenic helium looked to redirect absorption wherever it mattered, connected Manu.

Sitting successful infirmary aft superior country and with 3 plates inserted into his face, it volition beryllium a portion until the Kiwi centre is acceptable to grace a footy tract again. But Fittler said it was clip to permission the play of Friday nighttime down and enactment Manu done his betterment and into adjacent season.

"Totally," Fittler said erstwhile asked if the incidental had been blown to hysteria.

Brad Fittler says it's clip to determination the treatment guardant aft a week of "hysteria" astir Latrell Mitchell's tackle connected Joey Manu. (Getty)

"It's been spoken astir truthful much, to springiness it much air-time astir makes maine vomit successful my mouth.

"It's each irrelevant really. At the extremity of the day, erstwhile you miss the accidental to play successful the semis, it wouldn't substance if it was 10 weeks.

"One of the important parts everyone missing is Joseph Manu and however helium is. I texted Fitzy and asked however helium was, and helium says he's successful truly bully spirits. He said his look evidently doesn't look bully astatine the infinitesimal but that volition beryllium swollen for a while.

"But it's a bully motion that everything volition beryllium okay. It's a nasty wounded but helium volition get implicit it."

'Latrell retired for the year': Gus

With reports of social media maltreatment aimed astatine Mitchell, an "emotional" telephone telephone betwixt the Roosters and NRL guru Phil Gould and countless opinions obscuring the matter, Fittler said it was clip to fto the substance spell earlier much harm could beryllium done.

"Of course, due to the fact that it's Latrell, present there's different portion of it with the Roosters and Gus, it's conscionable crazy.

"The much legs everyone gives it, successful today's nine it astir becomes unhealthy fixed what happens connected societal media and each that stuff."

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