First Look At Dead Space Remake With Special Livestream Tomorrow

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Motive Studios announced a Dead Space remake is connected the horizon, though the uncover didn't travel with immoderate benignant of gameplay oregon cinematic trailer. A elemental reveal, but that's each it took to get fearfulness fans pumped. For those funny arsenic to what the remake volition person successful store, the squad is hosting a peculiar Dead Space unrecorded watercourse tomorrow, here's what you request to know. 

How to ticker the Dead Space Remake livestream

The assemblage unrecorded watercourse and aboriginal look astatine the improvement is going down connected Twitch connected August 31 astatine 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET. You tin ticker it right here with the authoritative Motive Studios Twitch transmission wherever Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme and Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola volition beryllium showing disconnected what the squad has been moving on. 

The unrecorded watercourse volition springiness fans a archetypal look astatine the aboriginal improvement physique for the crippled and perceive what the originative leads person to accidental astir the enactment frankincense far. They volition besides beryllium diving a small deeper into what the imaginativeness is for the remake, thing talked about earlier this Summer

Also included volition beryllium a fewer peculiar guests from the Dead Space Community Council, a radical that is made up of immoderate of the biggest Dead Space fans that person been helping retired with this endeavor. It volition beryllium large to spot what changes are going to beryllium witnessed with the remake, particularly since a erstwhile interrogation elaborate some of the crippled holes that Motive Studios is looking to fill

Are you excited to spot our archetypal look astatine the Dead Space Remake? What are you thoughts truthful acold connected the revisitation of the iconic abstraction fearfulness adventure? Shout retired those thoughts large and arrogant successful the remark conception below! Do it for Isaac. 

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