Federal Judge Says Some 1/6 Defendants “Morphed Into Terrorists”

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Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan said that immoderate of the defendants successful the Capitol onslaught “morphed into terrorists.”

Judge Sullivan said:


Sentencing scheduled for 2022 successful the lawsuit of Dawn Bancroft

Judge cites engaged tribunal calendar and holidays.

Looks similar Jan 2022

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) September 28, 2021

Judge Sullivan’s comments are fair. There are some, similar the Proud Boys, who determination is grounds that they came to the Capitol with the volition of violence, but determination are others who went to DC to protestation due to the fact that Trump called them determination and astatine immoderate constituent became radicalized and attacked the Capitol.

The arrested Capitol onslaught defendants aren’t governmental prisoners arsenic House Republicans similar Louie Gohmert and Marjorie Taylor Greene claim. These radical are criminals, and arsenic Judge Sullivan said, immoderate of these criminals morphed into terrorists.

The adjacent clip that a Republican waxes connected astir the radical who are successful jailhouse for the Capitol onslaught keeping successful caput that they are supporting terrorists.

If these radical morphed into terrorists, who radicalized them?

It is simply a question that the 1/6 Committee is examining, and it is apt to pb consecutive to Donald Trump.

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