Bizarre new trick lands Indian ace in controversy again

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Controversial India ace Ravichandran Ashwin has again landed himself successful trouble, drafting the ire of an umpire and wide backlash aft investigating a bizarre caller tactic.

On time 3 of the archetypal Test betwixt India and New Zealand, Ashwin overtook the 414 vocation wickets of legendary Pakistan speedy Wasim Akram to determination into 14th connected the all-time list, but the off-spinner's feat was overshadowed by a puzzling instrumentality portion bowling.

Late connected time 2 and again connected time 3 successful the Kanpur fixture, Ashwin experimented with a diagonal run-up from astir the wicket, successful which his follow-through snaked crossed the umpire's enactment of show and successful beforehand of the non-striker.

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Umpire Nitin Menon disapproved of Ashwin's follow-through contempt the information it steered wide of the 'danger zone', an imaginary rectangle moving down the mediate of the wicket that the bowler indispensable avoid.

India's Ravichandran Ashwin has debuted a bizarre and arguable maneuver successful the archetypal Test against New Zealand. (AP)

Former New Zealand paceman Simon Doull was captious of Ashwin's ploy, which led to lengthy and repeated discussions betwixt Menon and the seasoned tweaker during the archetypal league of time three.

"If the non-striker wanted to run, Ashwin gets close successful beforehand of wherever the non-striker would astir apt beryllium moving – and that is not allowed," Doull said connected Fox Cricket's broadcast.

"The bowler tin besides not dictate wherever the non-striker stands."

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Legendary India batter Sunil Gavaskar besides took exception.

"He's gone precise adjacent to the stumps, (but) erstwhile he's delivered the shot I don't deliberation he's obstructing the umpire's view," Gavaskar said connected the broadcast.

"What he's doing, however, is he's obstructing the non-striker."

Ravichandran Ashwin has overtaken the 414 Test wickets of Wasim Akram during India's lucifer against New Zealand. (AP)

India skipper Ajinkya Rahane, lasting successful for an absent Virat Kohli, joined the umpire's discussions with Ashwin to support his teammate.

India manager Rahul Dravid and lucifer referee Javagal Srinath were past spotted successful a tense chat during the luncheon break.

"Ashwin moving crossed successful his follow-through is driving everyone crazy: striker, non-striker, umpire, commentators and adjacent TV audience," 1 Twitter idiosyncratic posted.

Another Twitter idiosyncratic wrote: "The umpire's contention could beryllium that his presumption volition beryllium blocked with Ashwin moving crossed him successful his follow-through. Of course, with Ashwin staying extracurricular the 'danger area', the informing cannot beryllium issued. Trust Ash to make a conundrum adjacent for umpires".

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Ashwin has polarised the cricket satellite connected respective occasions by claiming 'Mankad' dismissals, portion successful the Indian Premier League successful September helium besides ran a azygous aft a fielder's propulsion ricocheted disconnected his batting spouse – an enactment that's ineligible but against the tone of cricket.

India reached stumps connected time 3 astatine 1-14 successful the Test against New Zealand, starring the reigning World Test Championship winners by 63 runs.

The hosts had made 345 successful the archetypal innings arsenic Test debutant Shreyas Iyer, batting astatine five, scored a century.

New Zealand were past bowled retired for 296, earlier India commenced their 2nd excavation precocious connected time three.

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