Everything you need to know about Far Cry 6: Platforms, trailers and release date

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(Pocket-lint) - The Far Cry bid has evolved into 1 of the astir fashionable sandbox shooter franchises ever, and it's a large instrumentality of hopping astir the globe betwixt entries. Far Cry 6 has been announced and unveiled, and things look predictably explosive.

We've got each the cardinal details for you close here, including details connected its merchandise date, trailers and gameplay information, truthful support speechmaking to find retired everything you request to know. 


Far Cry 6 trailer and merchandise date

We got a archetypal trailer for Far Cry 6 during Ubisoft's Forward lawsuit successful July 2020, and it's a chunky cinematic look astatine what we presume volition beryllium the game's main antagonist, and his absorbing cognition to fatherhood and parenting. 

At that constituent we were hopeful that it wouldn't beryllium excessively agelong until we got to spot immoderate gameplay and got a sketched-out merchandise day of February 2021, which we've evidently agelong since blitzed past. Given the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated work-from-home changes, it's nary astonishment that Far Cry 6 got delayed to immoderate extent. 

Now, though, the crippled has resurfaced with a afloat gameplay reveal, and a confirmed merchandise day of October 7th 2021, truthful it'll beryllium retired beauteous soon. 

Far Cry 6 platforms

When Far Cry 6 was archetypal unveiled we hadn't yet got our hands connected the next-gen consoles that we're present fortunate capable to beryllium enjoying. Even then, it was confirmed that the crippled would beryllium cross-generation.

Taking different Ubisoft merchandise arsenic a guide, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S volition beryllium the champion spot to play Far Cry 6 for creaseless framework rates and amended visuals.

However, it'll inactive look connected the PS4 and Xbox One (with escaped upgrades to next-gen erstwhile you get it), too, arsenic good arsenic gracing PC rigs the satellite over. As we person to constituent retired each excessively often, determination won't beryllium a Switch mentation - unless a immense hardware upgrade comes on for Nintendo's console, it's improbable it'll beryllium capable to contend with Far Cry 6's visuals. However, it volition beryllium coming to Google Stadia for you streaming fans retired there.

Far Cry 6 story

Far Cry 6 takes players to the land of Yara, which looks for each the satellite similar Cuba, overmuch similar Far Cry 4's situation was modeled connected Tibet and Nepal. The land is successful a authorities of full chaos, overseen by section dictator Antón Castillo.

He's played with existent menace by Giancarlo Esposito, who Breaking Bad fans volition beryllium wholly acquainted with, and looks similar a truly potent antagonist. The unveil trailer besides showed disconnected Castillo's son, Diego, who is being groomed to win him. It looks similar a harsh satellite for Diego, and the astute wealth isn't connected him making it retired arsenic a balanced, calm adult. 

Players volition beryllium taking portion successful a guerilla gyration with the radical of Yara, according to Ubisoft, playing arsenic Dani Rojos and choosing whether they'll beryllium antheral oregon pistillate astatine the outset. Either way, it'll beryllium a fully-voiced protagonist, not a mute cypher. 

Far Cry 6 gameplay

There are immoderate reasonably large changes coming to the Far Cry look successful the sixth outing, which should beryllium precise invited aft the past mates of outings retrod a spot of ground. For 1 thing, the situation is the biggest the bid has yet seen, according to the developers. 

It's besides location to a large city, Esperanza, not conscionable the tiny settlements that erstwhile games person featured, and that situation means much verticality acknowledgment to high-rise buildings. The weaponry you'll usage is besides acceptable to look a small antithetic - due to the fact that this is simply a gyration successful a long-blockaded authorities there's going to beryllium a much homemade aesthetic.

We're definite that much subject weapons volition marque appearances arsenic well, but screenshots truthful acold amusement a fewer cobbled-together attachments and weapons that look enticing and could perchance mean a much in-depth instrumentality to the Far Cry crafting trees we each cognize and love. 

There'll besides intelligibly beryllium immoderate dense options disposable - it looks similar the vessel successful the header representation for this portion is drivable, and that flyable vehicles are going to marque a instrumentality arsenic well. 

Far Cry 5 introduced a Guns For Hire strategy that fto you buddy up with AI companions, inspired by Far Cry 2's buddy system, and that's besides acceptable to instrumentality successful Far Cry 6. We don't cognize excessively overmuch astir these characters, but Ubisoft says they'll beryllium larger than life. The 1 we bash person afloat details connected is the somewhat disappointingly-named Chorizo, a cute wee wiener canine who'll assistance you retired erstwhile needed.

Far Cry 6 Season Pass

At its E3 league for 2021, Ubisoft took the accidental to amusement disconnected immoderate of the DLC that volition travel to Far Cry 6 aft its merchandise arsenic portion of the play pass.

The header summation is simply a mode successful which players volition beryllium capable to instrumentality connected the relation of the villains from Far Cry 3, 4 and 5 - seeing their satellite done their eyes and warring successful what look similar beauteous trippy environments. We don't cognize however agelong oregon large each conception will, but the archetypal dependable actors are returning and it looks similar hectic fun.

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The trailer besides confirms that the play walk volition see the well-liked subject fabrication DLC for Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, and we presume this volition beryllium with upgraded visuals, which could marque a for a bully travel down representation lane.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 17 March 2021.

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