Travis Scott denies knowing about Astroworld injuries in interview with Charlamagne tha God

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(CNN)Travis Scott told vigor and speech amusement big Charlamagne tha God that he's been connected an "emotional rollercoaster" since 10 radical died and galore much were injured astatine his Astroworld Festival.

The rapper, who has denied ineligible liability, sat down with Charlamagne for an astir hour-long interview that was posted connected YouTube Thursday.

It was Scott's archetypal extended interrogation since the tragedy, and helium started retired saying however hard it's each been due to the fact that helium has "felt truthful connected" to his fans.

    "It truly hurts," helium said. "It hurts the community, it hurts the metropolis [Houston wherever helium is from and wherever the yearly festival was held]. It's a batch of feelings, a batch of grieving."

      Scott denied initially knowing concertgoers had been hurt, saying helium "didn't cognize the nonstop details until minutes earlier the property conference," aft helium performed.

      "People walk out, things hap astatine concerts, but thing similar that," helium said, trailing off.

      According to Scott, his visibility from the signifier portion helium was performing was limited, but what helium did spot helium acted upon.

      "Anytime I could spot thing similar that, I did," Scott said. "I stopped it a mates times to conscionable marque definite everybody was OK."

      He besides addressed the "raging" civilization his concerts person been known for and that immoderate person blamed for the deaths and injuries.

      Scott said "raging" is "about letting spell and having fun."

      "As artists, you spot professionals for erstwhile things hap that radical tin permission safely," Scott added.

        "And this nighttime was conscionable similar a regular show, it felt similar to me, arsenic acold arsenic the energy," helium said. "People didn't amusement up determination conscionable to beryllium harmful. People conscionable showed up to person a bully clip and thing unfortunate happened and we conscionable request to fig retired what that was."

        More than 140 lawsuits person been filed since the Astroworld tragedy.

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