Employees find dead infant outside funeral home

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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A tragic find Friday morning, Sept. 3.  Milwaukee constabulary are investigating a dormant babe recovered successful a container extracurricular Reid's New Golden Gate Funeral Home.

Employees noticed a achromatic tote container successful a country up against the building's wall. The babe was wrapped successful a broad inside. 

"it's horrifying," Trina Hall said. She lives feet distant from the scene. 

Milwaukee constabulary accidental the babe was conscionable calved and near there. The origin of decease is inactive undetermined.

Hall says she wishes the idiosyncratic would person taken the babe to a infirmary instead.

"There is simply a infirmary connected Green Bay determination and there's a infirmary there."

Executive manager of The Parenting Network, Joyce Felker, says there are options disposable if radical tally into a concern similar this. 

"If idiosyncratic is successful the infinitesimal and they are considering what to bash with an infant, Wisconsin instrumentality allows idiosyncratic to relinquish an babe successful 72 hours to a constabulary station, instrumentality them to a hospital." 

"We request to beryllium prayerful, we request to enactment prayerful, truthful things similar this wont proceed to happen," Hall said.

Authorities are continuing to look for the infant's parents. If you person immoderate information, delight telephone constabulary oregon Milwaukee Crime Stoppers astatine 414-224-TIPS.

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