Bizarre incident as Thunder lose to Stars

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Andre Russell's bizarre Big Bash play continued connected Sunday night, arsenic helium survived the shot smacking into his wicket.

Facing Tanveer Sangha precocious successful the Melbourne Stars' triumph implicit the Sydney Thunder, Russell had smashed his 4th six of the innings connected the erstwhile ball.

Sangha could lone laughter arsenic the adjacent shot copped an wrong borderline from Russell, bounced disconnected his limb and consecutive into mediate stump - but failed to dislodge the bails.

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"That deed the stumps hard," Mark Waugh said connected commentary.

"A spot of chewing gum connected the bottommost of those bails oregon what?"

Andre Russell and Sam Billings respond aft the shot hits the stumps, but doesn't sound the bails off. (Getty)

The value of Zing bails has been discussed successful the past, contempt articles successful 2019 during the tallness of this statement featuring claims from the ICC that they are nary heavier than the accepted woody ones utilized successful beardown winds.

The Stars' pursuit was already good successful control, needing little than a tally a shot erstwhile the incidental occurred.

On the backmost of coagulated starts from Marcus Stoinis (31 disconnected 30) and Glenn Maxwell (40 disconnected 25), Russell turned successful a vintage show to get his broadside location successful beforehand of a paltry assemblage successful Homebush.

He ended up with 42 disconnected 21 arsenic the visitors chased down 5-151 with 17 balls to spare.

It caps disconnected a unusual week for Russell, who made his debut astatine the MCG while being isolated from his teammates, and banned from celebrating with them.

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