Star's 'watershed moment' changed T20 history

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BBL-winning manager Greg Shipperd says a stint with the Sydney Sixers was the catalyst for re-starting Josh Hazlewood's T20 career, which culminated successful a decisive spell successful yesterday morning's (AEDT) World Cup final.

Between February 2014 and January 2020, Hazlewood played conscionable 3 T20 matches, each wrong the abstraction of 3 weeks successful March 2016.

As a regular successful the Australian Test squad successful that period, planetary commitments made an quality successful the Big Bash League each but impossible. With Australia mostly overlooking the fast-bowler for T20 Internationals, his vocation successful the shortest signifier of the crippled appeared to person stalled.

Australia marque past aft defeating New Zealand successful T20 World Cup final

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But a 5 lucifer stint with the title-winning Sixers squad successful BBL09 opened the world's eyes to Hazlewood's imaginable successful T20 cricket.

Five wickets, and a miserly system complaint of 6.22 runs per implicit saw Hazlewood gain an IPL declaration with Chennai.

His 2nd play with the Super Kings, instantly earlier the World Cup, saw him fixed an extended tally of 9 matches, wherever helium took 11 wickets, and shed the cognition that his consistency, specified a spot successful red-ball cricket, was a weakness successful T20.

"Josh's stint with the Sydney Sixers, successful the twelvemonth that helium played with us, was a reminder that helium was much than susceptible successful this signifier of the game, and it besides showed the remainder of Australia and the satellite that this feline is an implicit weapon successful immoderate format of the crippled helium plays," Shipperd told Wide World of Sports.

Josh Hazlewood starred with the shot successful the T20 World Cup final. (Getty)

"It was the twelvemonth we won the archetypal of our 2 consecutive titles, and it was a watershed infinitesimal for Josh."

Although he's approaching his 31st birthday, Hazlewood has played much than fractional his 64 T20 matches since starting his stint for the Sixers successful aboriginal 2020.

That acquisition was invaluable connected Monday morning, erstwhile helium returned figures of 3-16 from his 4 overs against New Zealand.

The precocious Dean Jones ever had a mentation astir T20 matches, that if you won the 18th implicit you won the match. That was highlighted again successful the World Cup final, erstwhile Hazlewood dismissed some Glenn Phillips and Kane Williamson successful the 18th over, whilst conceding conscionable 5 runs.

Mitchell Marsh and David Warner whitethorn person garnered the headlines, but Hazlewood's show was conscionable arsenic important successful earning Australia its archetypal T20 World Cup.

Australia celebrates its archetypal ever T20 World Cup victory. (Getty)

There's a presumption that Australia's T20 squad is possibly the astir orthodox successful the world, fixed the important overlap successful unit with the Test team. Hazlewood, Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, David Warner and Steve Smith are each cardinal members of some sides.

While different nations person turned towards short-form specialists, Shipperd says it's casual to spot wherefore Australia has taken the attack it has.

"We are blessed with 3 of the champion gait bowlers successful each forms of the game, truthful I tin spot the logic successful that," helium explained.

"It's a mature team, determination was that singular statistic that Pat Cummins was the youngest subordinate of the broadside astatine the property of 28.

"It was the close clip for them all, they've each got a decent magnitude of planetary acquisition and they played wonderfully good nether that pressure.

Josh Hazlewood's 3-16 was pivotal successful Australia's T20 World Cup win. (Getty)

"As Dan Christian said, 'Old guys triumph worldly successful this format of the game.'"

While Australia was surely not among the pre-tournament favourites connected the backmost of bid losses to some the West Indies and Bangladesh, it should beryllium pointed retired that successful neither bid did Australia tract a full-strength side.

Shipperd concedes that that's not an attack Australia would usage successful the Test arena, wherever each lucifer is seen arsenic as important.

"I deliberation everyone wants to person each the players disposable each the time, but the world of the planetary programming makes that difficult," helium admitted.

"Many would reason it was the close happening to do, truthful you person the champion players disposable astatine the close time.

"T20 has been astatine the bottommost of the pecking order, but fixed our World Cup win, and the accidental to spell back-to-back astatine location adjacent year, it elevates the illustration of that format.

Sydney Sixers manager Greg Shipperd. (Getty)

"I'm definite they'll beryllium conscionable arsenic keen to marque definite that each the pieces of the puzzle are acceptable to spell successful October adjacent year."

Whether Justin Langer is astatine the helm for adjacent year's T20 World Cup remains to beryllium seen, with erstwhile skipper Michael Clarke admitting that helium thinks Langer volition discontinue aft the Ashes this summer.

While Australia has agelong divided the captaincy betwixt the assorted formats, splitting the coaching relation has been thing that's not earnestly been considered.

But it's precise overmuch a anticipation successful the future, according to Shipperd.

"It's a hard presumption to reason astatine the moment, fixed the existent coaching setup has conscionable won a World Cup, which is simply a large recognition to them," helium said.

Splitting Australia's coaching relation betwixt red-ball and white-ball is an option, says Shipperd. (Getty)

"But those questions are perfectly legitimate, peculiarly arsenic the COVID-19 concern eases, and the squad is connected the roadworthy a batch more.

"That's a question for Justin and his squad to answer, arsenic good arsenic Cricket Australia, successful presumption of however overmuch petrol is successful the tank.

"I'm definite it's not thing connected their minds astatine the moment, they'll present beryllium focused connected the Ashes, but the workload tin beryllium wearing implicit clip and lone Justin and his squad volition cognize however overmuch it takes retired of them.

"If they tin rotate themselves successful and retired of the program, arsenic we bash sometimes with the bowlers, that's besides a morganatic mode to negociate it."

A World Cup connected location ungraded is often the catalyst for important alteration successful personnel, with long-serving players bowing retired of the crippled aft specified an occasion.

Michael Clarke, Brad Haddin and Mitchell Johnson each played their last one-day planetary successful the 2015 World Cup last astatine the MCG, portion Shane Watson's past lucifer came conscionable six months later.

Aaron Finch, David Warner and Steve Smith mightiness each beryllium expected to discontinue from T20 cricket aft adjacent year's World Cup, and the bowling extent volition beryllium tested arsenic well, fixed the property of Starc and Hazlewood, and the anticipation that Cummins volition person inherited the Test captaincy by then.

But according to Shipperd, the aboriginal is agleam for our bowling stocks.

Michael Clarke was 1 of 3 Australians who played their past ODI successful the 2015 World Cup final.

"There's a increasing set of younger players pushing forward, and successful years to travel it's going to beryllium Jhye Richardson, Riley Meredith, Kane Richardson and Michael Neser that are going to beryllium astatine the forefront," helium said.

"You've got Swepson and Agar arsenic well, truthful there's immoderate coagulated depth.

"Our large weakness is successful those truly bushed sub-continental wickets, and that's inactive our biggest challenge. But let's observe the win, for now, it's specified a affirmative for the game."

Pressed arsenic to however Australia tin flooded the contented of performing connected low-slow pitches, wherever the squad was severely exposed successful some the West Indies and Bangladesh, Shipperd says the enactment needs to commencement astatine a young age.

"That's a systemic issue, and we request to deliberation with imaginativeness astir however we tin make an consciousness of spin, and make our spinners done the U/15s, U/17s and U/19s," helium explained.

"Maybe that means astatine our nationalist carnivals the 3rd circular and the seventh circular are played connected spinning wickets. Maybe successful the Futures League we play a circular connected worn wickets.

"Lets travel up with a solution here, alternatively than the monolithic disbursal of travelling to the sub-continent.

"We tin usage our imaginativeness astatine the grassroots level, and successful the elite pathways, to amended our show connected the sub-continent.

"We astir apt won't maestro the conditions that way, due to the fact that that requires a existent singular focus, but we tin decidedly improve, and if we get 15-20 per cent amended than volition marque a large difference."

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How Australia's antheral cricketers celebrated their archetypal ever Twenty20 World Cup rubric win

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