Domestic Terror Inciter Madison Cawthorn Promises To Prosecute Dr. Fauci If GOP Returns To Power

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The violence-promoting Congressman from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn, present wants to prosecute Dr. Fauci if Republicans triumph the House.

Video of Cawthorn:

In Rutherford County, NC this morning, Madison Cawthorn said that erstwhile Republicans regain power, helium is going to marque definite Fauci is prosecuted. He past says, “I volition prehend each azygous Chinese plus successful America.” (Good for Wall St and firm donors to know).

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 16, 2021

Cawthorn said, “The caller Republican Party is not going to beryllium the 1 of old. We’re not going to beryllium astir and not clasp these radical accountable, due to the fact that I person virtually watched successful real-time arsenic Anthony Fauci lied to Rand Paul successful a Senate hearing, which fto maine archer you, it is simply a transgression to prevarication to Congress, and erstwhile we instrumentality the bulk back, I volition marque definite that antheral is charged.”

Dr. Fauci ne'er lied to Congress. Fauci corrected Paul’s lies and misstatements astir COVID and conspiracy theories astir the US backing the improvement of COVID successful Wuhan.

Cawthorn is telling America what Republicans are going to bash if they triumph backmost power. They are going to effort to punish their governmental enemies. Rep. Cawthorn has been going astir North Carolina encouraging and inciting violence.

The “new Republican Party” is an anti-democracy authoritarian cult that is going to maltreatment its power, effort to impeach President Biden, and dispersed the GOP warfare connected democracy.

America is being warned.

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