Desperate Fox News Is Spreading The Rumor That Nancy Pelosi Will Step Down

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Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo utilized her amusement to dispersed the rumor that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is stepping down.


Fox News's Maria Bartiromo says that "sources" exclusively archer her that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to measurement down aft the Build Back Better docket is passed.

There is nary grounds to enactment this rumor, and Speaker Pelosi has publically rejected the thought of retirement.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 17, 2021

Bartiromo said connected Sunday, “First, this greeting is exclusive, sources archer Sunday Morning Futures determination is speculation swirling successful Washington that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi whitethorn measurement down after getting the monolithic spending package through, truthful each those Democrat members who had their arms twisted to ballot connected the multitrillion-dollar bundle and put their ain reelection in jeopardy whitethorn beryllium fuming to learn that the talker could be planning a chopped and run.”

The likelihood are bully that Bartiromo’s root for the rumor was Trump oregon idiosyncratic successful his orbit.

Fox News Is Trying To Divide Democrats On Build Back Better

The rumor that Fox News is spreading is portion of a run to disagreement Democrats connected Build Back Better. Republicans cognize that Democrats are getting person to a deal, and the lone that tin perchance halt Biden’s docket from passing is Democrats refusing to ballot for it.

The occupation for Republicans is that Democratic haggling is astir details, not the thought of passing a package.

Speaker Pelosi has rejected the thought of stepping down oregon leaving the House, but the information that Bartiromo was spreading the rumor shows however hopeless Republicans are to halt Democrats from delivering for the American people.

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