New York AG Letitia James To Put Trump Under Oath In Fraud Investigation

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New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking to depose Trump aboriginal adjacent twelvemonth arsenic portion of an probe into fraud astatine the Trump Organization.

Via: The Washington Post:

James has requested to instrumentality his grounds connected Jan. 7 astatine her New York bureau arsenic portion of a civilian probe into whether Trump’s institution committed fiscal fraud successful the valuations of properties to antithetic entities, according to the people, who spoke connected the information of anonymity due to the fact that the enquiry is ongoing.

One of the radical acquainted with the probe said James is examining whether wide fraud “permeated the Trump Organization.”

Pathological Liar Trump May Finally Be Put Under Oath

The information for Trump successful sitting for a deposition with the New York Attorney General is that perjury is simply a crime. Given that Donald Trump lies arsenic often arsenic the remainder of america breathe, the question is not volition Trump perjure himself, but however galore times volition Trump perjure himself?

Trump has talked a large crippled successful the past astir being consenting to attest successful different investigations, but erstwhile the clip comes, the failed erstwhile president ever seems to beryllium unavailable.

Donald Trump volition stall, delay, and combat the petition for his grounds due to the fact that adjacent though the New York State probe is simply a civilian matter, Trump’s lies could onshore him successful governmental jeopardy.

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