10 Black Friday deals on nearly everything Apple

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If you're looking for discounts connected Apple products for yourself oregon to springiness arsenic gifts, there's a bully accidental it's connected merchantability today, and these 10 deals are immoderate of the best.


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Black Friday is here, and that means tons of deals connected tons of stuff. For Apple aficionados, Black Friday is saccharine for different reason: Apple products are connected merchantability for immoderate of the champion deals of the year.

The items included present correspond immoderate of the champion bargains connected Apple products disposable for Black Friday 2021. From Pencils to Pads to Pods, it's each present successful a discounted signifier that won't past forever. Disclaimer: Sales tally for a constricted time; prices and availability is taxable to change.

As you're going done this list, you whitethorn announcement a fewer items are absent, namely the latest-generation Apple products that person been selling the fastest, similar the MacBook Pro with the M1X spot and the caller iMac. These were near disconnected due to the fact that the deals being offered connected them, if immoderate woody is offered astatine all, are each astir identical: Around $50 off. If you negociate to find a amended woody I'd leap connected it.

I've besides near disconnected carrier-specific deals for iPhones, truthful you won't find them present either. If you're funny successful getting an iPhone 13 bid instrumentality without switching providers, it's champion to cheque for those yourself, and if you privation to power providers it's champion to store astir their websites to spot who has the champion deal. 

M1 MacBook Air


Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air tin beryllium configured to conscionable mobile professionals' needs.

Image: Apple Inc.

This configuration of the latest exemplary MacBook Air comes with Apple's in-house M1 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD, putting it connected the introduction level of MacBooks Air. It's inactive a coagulated machine, and acknowledgment to the M1 is much susceptible than ever. Thanks to Black Friday, it's $150 off.

$850 astatine Best Buy

Apple Watch SE


Image: Best Buy

Like the SE exemplary iPhones, the Apple Watch SE comes with newer exemplary internals successful an older-style case. What that fundamentally means is dealing with a spot much bezel connected the surface successful speech for redeeming a clump of money, and successful this lawsuit you'll beryllium redeeming adjacent more. 

$219 astatine Best Buy

AirPods Pro


Image: Amazon

AirPods Pro are the top-end exemplary of Apple's earbuds. As the proprietor of a brace myself, I'd highly urge them to anyone who owns different Apple products. They'll enactment with non-Apple hardware arsenic well, but the seamless pairing and instrumentality switching erstwhile utilizing Apple hardware is fantastic. Today they're 20% off, too.

$159 astatine WalMart

AirPods Max


Image: Apple

The different top-of-the-line headphone enactment from Apple is the AirPods Max, which travel successful acold much costly than their earbud counterparts astatine $549. If you don't privation to walk astir arsenic overmuch connected headphones arsenic you bash connected a caller iPhone, present is your accidental to get them for much than $100 less. 

$429 astatine Amazon

Apple Pencil, 2nd generation


Image: Amazon

The 2nd procreation Apple Pencil charges by magnetically attaching to the broadside of immoderate of the newer iPad models, similar the 2021 Pro and Mini 6. It's a large portion of hardware, but the $129 terms tag is capable to enactment radical off. If that's you, now's the accidental to drawback 1 for $30 off. 

$99 astatine Amazon

M1 iPad Pro



The newest procreation of iPad Pro is simply a powerhouse of productivity acknowledgment to the inclusion of the M1 spot that was primitively designed for usage successful the MacBook. Right present you tin get 1 connected merchantability for $100 of the accustomed asking price.

$999 astatine Amazon

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple's HomePod Mini isn't technically connected sale, but it is being paired with a large connection of six months escaped Apple Music and News+, and 3 months of Apple TV (for caller subscribers only) erstwhile purchased for the holidays. It's the cleanable accidental to springiness a astute talker arsenic a gift. 

$99 astatine Best Buy

MagSafe Duo Charger


Image: Apple

Apple's MagSafe Duo charger is the cleanable companion to an iPhone 12 oregon aboriginal and an Apple watch. It charges some (with astatine slightest a 20w USB powerfulness brick, not included) devices and folds successful fractional for casual proscription erstwhile connected the roadworthy — wherefore transportation 2 cables and chargers erstwhile you tin conscionable transportation 1 with the Duo? 

$103 astatine Amazon

Apple TV 4K


Image: Teena Maddox/TechRepublic

The latest exemplary of Apple TV supports 4K video, truthful if you're stuck with an older 1 it's clip to upgrade, particularly if a caller TV is successful your vacation future. The Apple TV 4K comes successful 2 retention capacities: 32GB and 64GB. The exemplary connected merchantability is the 32GB 1 — if you privation 64GB you'll person to wage afloat price.

$129 astatine Best Buy

iMac with Retina display

No, this isn't the newest procreation iMac, but it is simply a previous-generation exemplary that's afloat susceptible and steeply connected merchantability for Black Friday. So what if it isn't the tip-top of the enactment model? It's $500 disconnected the accustomed asking price, which can't beryllium beat.

$1,000 astatine Best Buy

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