Debian 11: Moving forward while standing still

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Jack Wallen tests Debian 11 and isn't amazed to find retired the developers person released different mentation that is unmatched successful stability.


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Debian is the parent of each Linux distributions. Well, the parent of each Debian-based distributions (of which determination are countless). One of the main reasons truthful galore flavors of Linux are based connected Debian is due to the fact that it is 1 of the azygous astir unchangeable operating systems connected the planet. You would beryllium hard-pressed to find a much rock-solid platform. End of treatment connected that.

That unthinkable stableness comes with a price. Said terms is that you won't find thing bleeding borderline successful Debian. Debian's archetypal and foremost directive is stability. To that end, packages (even successful newer releases) often look similar they are retired of date. And due to the fact that Debian releases are truthful infrequent, this tin consciousness a spot exacerbated by time.

And, to beryllium honest, that's truly a bully thing. 

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Having a unchangeable operating system, with a unchangeable kernel, and unchangeable bundle leads to—you guessed it—stability. So erstwhile the newest mentation of Debian is released (in this case, mentation 11—a.k.a. Bullseye) it should travel arsenic nary astonishment that a batch of the bundle falls down that recovered successful different organisation releases. 

Take, for instance, GNOME. Debian 11 ships with GNOME 3.38. Debian 10 shipped with GNOME 3.30. However, Pop!_OS 21.04 ships with GNOME 3.38.5, truthful Debian 11 is successful bully company. As for the kernel, Bullseye includes 5.10, which is an upgrade from Debian 10's 4.19. 

I downloaded and installed Debian 11 with some GNOME and KDE, truthful I could get a bully consciousness for however the desktop organisation performed and functioned. And conscionable similar with each iteration of Debian I've tried, I came distant with a grin connected my face. Why? Because Debian does the desktop right. No, it's not packed to the brim with shiny, caller objects. It's not going to stroke you distant with thing unsocial oregon features that nary different organisation has to offer. What Debian does present is what Debian has done from the commencement - supply the astir unchangeable situation for you to get things done.

There is 1 country wherever Debian 11 has greatly improved implicit 10. 

Debian 11's performance

To beryllium fair, the bulk of the show boost successful Debian 11 (over Debian 10) comes by mode of the newer kernel. Where the operating strategy gets that show boost doesn't substance astir arsenic overmuch arsenic however it performs successful production. 

Debian 11 show is noticeably improved. It's fast. And erstwhile you harvester specified an summation successful show with the level of stableness gained with Debian, you person the makings of a singular experience. Once installed, you person the prime to tally 1 of the desktops you've chosen, and you'll find you tin tally GNOME connected either the aging X11 oregon Wayland (the default). Running GNOME connected Wayland is different crushed wherefore Debian has enjoyed a boost successful performance. I recovered GNOME connected Debian 11 performed flawlessly but opted to rapidly alteration implicit to KDE Plasma, arsenic I find myself not giving that desktop capable attraction lately. 

On Debian 11, KDE Plasma 5.20 is unbelievably impressive. KDE has made monolithic strides successful show and reliability implicit the past mates of years and this operation truly shows that off. In fact, KDE Plasma outperforms GNOME connected Debian 11. That's thing I wasn't definite I'd ever say, but determination you person it. I recovered KDE to not lone beryllium arsenic unchangeable arsenic GNOME (which is saying something), but it feels faster and smoother. Applications unfastened astir instantly and without the aforesaid feeling of instability that erstwhile haunted KDE. To beryllium fair, KDE has been rather unchangeable for immoderate time, but having Debian 11 astatine the instrumentality hits this home. And a speedy power to the KDE Plasma Air benignant makes the desktop adjacent much beauteous than it already was (Figure A).

Figure A


KDE Plasma 5.20 moving connected Debian 11 is simply a happening of unchangeable beauty.

Who is Debian 11 for?

The reply to this question is simple. Debian 11 is for anyone who prefers stableness implicit shiny and new. And by stability, I mean the astir unchangeable desktop operating strategy connected the planet. To me, Debian is the Honda of operating systems. It mightiness not beryllium the flashiest oregon sexiest, but it volition ever travel done for you. In the end, isn't that what an operating strategy should beryllium about? 

I've ever recovered Debian to beryllium an land among a swirling oversea of newness. Sure, I similar to aquatics retired into that water to spot what's what, but each truthful often you person to travel ashore and basal connected coagulated ground. That's Debian. 

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For those who are caller to Linux, I'd emotion to beryllium capable to urge Debian 11 to you. However, due to the fact that the installation isn't astir arsenic elemental arsenic is that of, say, Ubuntu, you'd beryllium champion served either having idiosyncratic with much acquisition instal Debian for you, oregon hold it retired until you person a spot much familiarity with Linux nether your belt. Although you won't beryllium asked to manually partition your drive, determination are questions astir mirrors and domains that could easy travel you up. So if you're caller to Linux and you importune connected experiencing the singular stableness that is Debian 11, I'd suggest you bash a spot of probe into the Debian installer earlier you do. 

However, you shouldn't fto that informing enactment you off. Even those without immoderate Linux acquisition could muddle their mode done installation, I'd hatred for idiosyncratic caller to Linux to beryllium turned distant due to the fact that the Debian installation isn't a two- oregon three-click process. So if you are caller to Linux, drawback a person who has installed Linux and fto them locomotion you done the process.

Trust me, Debian 11 is worthy the smallest spot of other effort you mightiness person to spell done to implicit the installation. It's that good. In fact, it's 1 of the fewer instances wherever I tin accidental a Linux organisation moves guardant portion lasting firmly successful place.

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