Cutting-edge addiction treatment saved son's life

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CLEVELAND — With caller quality of record-breaking cause overdose deaths crossed the state and successful our ain backyards, News 5 Investigators went searching for the cutting borderline strategies successful this conflict against drugs.

Joe and Angie Denes are from Marengo, Ohio, a tiny municipality successful Morrow County surrounded by state life. They thought their teenage lad Jordan was conscionable recovering from a farming mishap and surgery, but past doctors prescribed Oxycontin with 60-100 pills each and refills.


“I looked astatine (the doctor) and said, ‘Isn’t this immoderate dense stuff?’ And they said, ‘Don’t interest astir that, they the slightest of your worries. We’ll code that… we’ll woody with that later, down the road,’" said Joe.

That roadworthy was a long, twisting nightmare of addiction for Jordan and the household that tried to debar it from happening successful the archetypal spot by informing their kids astir drugs.

“You’ve talked to them. You’ve had those talks,” said Angie portion tearing up. “And past the sheriff’s bureau calls and says, ‘You guys request to travel in.’”

No substance what they tried, determination was affectional turmoil and a consciousness of hopelessness.

“We knew it was conscionable a substance of time. You either extremity up dormant oregon successful situation connected this,” said Angie. “And I wasn’t going to hide him without a fight.”


Joe and Angie said they had 1 past accidental to prevention their lad — pellet implants of a cause called naltrexone. They are placed nether the skin. Naltrexone pills person to beryllium taken rather frequently. Some injectable medicine lasts 30 days. However, a naltrexone pellet dilatory dissolves implicit respective months. That prevents a idiosyncratic from conscionable stopping the harm-reduction medicine they need.

Studies show naltrexone has fewer broadside effects that are typically not long-lasting. The cause blocks encephalon receptors for the effects of heroin and adjacent alcohol.

“There’s much and much physicians present that are starting to signifier addiction medicine,” said Tom Welch from BioCorRx. That’s 1 institution moving with pharmacies offering implants with the naltrexone compound. “But we request to get this wide truthful anyone who needs this and that it’s due for tin get it,” said Welch.

The institution said it has an Investigational New Drug (IND) with the FDA to statesman quality investigating connected a different, manufactured naltrexone pellet. It has received astir $10 cardinal national dollars to assistance successful the addiction fight.


Within the past mates of weeks, BioCorRx has partnered with the wellness halfway Care Alliance close present successful Cleveland.

“We springiness radical these medications with the thought that they whitethorn inactive use, but to springiness them a accidental to get implicit to the objective broadside wherever they tin get counseling to enactment connected the decision-making portion of the brain,” said Care Alliance CEO Dr. Claude Jones.

BiorCorRx said patients request to person wrap-around services similar therapy, adjacent enactment and continued attraction into the future. It precocious joined forces with Transitional Ministries successful Cleveland to assistance with that information of the treatment.


Speaking of ties to the Cleveland area, we caught up with Kim Janda, who is primitively from Bay Village. He and the Scripps Research Institute (no narration to News 5’s genitor company) person been processing a vaccine to conflict carfentanyl and fentanyl effects that are the fig 1 reasons radical are dying now.

“The wide conception is to stimulate the immune strategy to make antibodies against the drug, conscionable similar what’s being done with COVID close now,” said Janda.

He told america the vaccine is designed to admit the drugs arsenic overseas substances that request to beryllium removed, and “basically artifact the cause from getting to the brain, oregon enactment arsenic similar a vacuum cleaner. It pulls the cause retired of the brain,” Janda said.

The adjacent steps are to decorativeness up manufacturing, retest connected animals and determination guardant to people.

“I anticipation by 4th 2 of adjacent twelvemonth we’ll spot immoderate of these things yet beryllium enactment into individuals,” helium told us.

For Joe and Angie, these kinds of weapons against addiction can’t beryllium made wide soon enough.

“We’re conscionable your emblematic American family,” Joe said. He said BioCorRx and the compound naltrexone pellet helped their lad crook his beingness around.

“He’s got a household now," Joe said.

“He’s a productive subordinate of society,” Angie told us.

They some cognize determination are truthful galore much radical retired determination conscionable similar what their lad utilized to beryllium struggling, strung out, and stuck.

“You don’t deliberation it tin hap to you. It tin hap to you,” said Joe. “And it’s benignant of slow, benignant of sneaks in. But erstwhile it gets bad, it’s bad.”

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