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Chuhai Labs’ Cursed to Golf is making a showing astatine PAX West this weekend, and we had the accidental to caput retired to the people for a fewer holes of integer roguelike driving, putting, rocket-balling! The rubric is headed to Switch and PC adjacent year, and combines turn-based golfing with roguelike elements arsenic you traverse 18 dungeons worthy of hazards, traps, and large plays. With immoderate assistance from the mysterious but jovial Scotsman, you indispensable bushed the Groundskeeper and bust your mode retired of Golf Purgatory. On the positive side, you person adorable small shade animations since you’re dead-ish.

‘Of course, you tin ever augment your assortment of skills by hitting up the play store and selecting immoderate consumable tricks to assistance you out, similar a multiball, other shots, rocket-controlled shots, clip stops, and more! In this occurrence of New Gameplay Today, we locomotion you done a fewer of the basal courses and obstacles you encounter. Is the Switch the caller destination for golf-based games that pat into different genres? It definite looks similar it! Golf roguelikes, play rpgs, play mysteries… Who wants to beryllium the archetypal to marque a play MMORPG? It’s close determination for the taking!

On each hole, it’s each astir calculating the close nine to use, the close powerfulness to hit, and the close space are conscionable the opening arsenic you commencement to harvester your peculiar abilities to truly zip done courses. Trick shots and large plays tin support you alive, banking disconnected peculiar statues that springiness you other turns, blowing up dynamite shortcuts, and cleverly angling to get to concealed small nooks on each route.

Anyway, Cursed to Golf has a ton of undeniable charm and flavor, and this small sensation of it is decidedly encouraging. Hopefully, the crippled rocks and ends up going to different platforms aft launch!

Are you into turn-based play games? Does Cursed to Golf look similar thing you mightiness enjoy? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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