F1's 'unsportsmanlike' warning for feuding stars

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Formula 1 contention manager Michael Masi has warned Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton they look the imaginable of having title points deducted for immoderate unsporting behaviour astatine this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The 2 drivers are level connected points heading into the last contention of the season, with Verstappen holding the borderline connected Hamilton via countback, having won 9 races to 8 this season.

It's raised the imaginable of yet different title being decided by a crash, specified arsenic erstwhile Michael Schumacher took retired Damon Hill successful Adelaide successful 1994.

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The Red Bull and Mercedes drivers person been progressive successful a fig of on-track incidents this year, notably astatine Silverstone, Monza, and past play successful Saudi Arabia.

Seeking to caput disconnected immoderate occupation that could effect successful an unsavoury decorativeness to an progressively bitter battle, Masi's pre-event notes person highlighted a fig of sections of the FIA's Sporting Code.

Article states: "Any infringement of the principles of fairness successful competition, behaviour successful an unsportsmanlike mode oregon effort to power the effect of a contention successful a mode that is contrary to sporting ethics."

Lewis Hamilton leads Max Verstappen astatine the US Grand Prix. (AP)

Masi besides specifically referenced Article 12.4.5: "For each the FIA championships, cups, challenges, trophies oregon series, the stewards whitethorn besides determine to enforce the pursuing penalties: Suspension for 1 oregon much competitions, withdrawal of points for the championship, cup, challenge, trophy, series."

The second occured successful 1997, erstwhile Michael Schumacher was stripped of 2nd spot successful the championship, aft helium collided with title-rival Jacques Villeneuve successful the last contention of the season.

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