Crypto trading app that converted customer funds into DOGE shut down

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The bid to unopen down trading app Coinseed was fixed by New York's Supreme Court

Coinseed, a cryptocurrency trading level that allegedly converted its customers' funds into the meme coin Dogecoin without informing them, has been asked to permanently cease its operations.

According to a Bloomberg news report, the bid for Coinseed to unopen down comes aft the New York Attorney General sued founders of the embattled speech for fraud.

The main ailment against Coinseed related to the platform's determination to secretly person lawsuit funds to DOGE, the archetypal meme coin that gained monolithic retail involvement pursuing enactment from Tesla CEO Elon Musk among different personage figures.

New York Attorney General Letitia James brought charges against Coinseed successful February and obtained a tribunal bid that asked the level to halt each its activities. However, the level allegedly carried on, with the operators past moving up to frost lawsuit withdrawals.

Worse, it's claimed the level wiped retired immoderate lawsuit accounts, drafting much complaints adjacent arsenic the substance remained progressive successful court.

"A justice ruled successful favour of our suit to unopen down the cryptocurrency trading level Coinseed app and installed a imperishable receiver to support investors' funds. Coinseed tin nary longer proceed its fraudulent and amerciable behaviour that cheated investors retired of millions," James said via the authoritative NYAG Twitter account.

Attorneys reportedly filed much than 100 complaints against the exchange, with astir of the victims reporting losing thousands of dollars implicit the past respective months. In total, the speech is said to person defrauded its clients of implicit $1 cardinal successful integer assets and deposits.

As good arsenic being asked to halt each operations, the Coinseed squad has been slapped with a $3 cardinal fine.

The speech was besides sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) connected charges of operating illegally and misleading investors.

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