Cricket Australia makes huge call on Perth Test

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Cricket Australia has confirmed the 5th and last Ashes Test this summertime volition not beryllium played successful Western Australia - and that the docket volition not beryllium changed to let the authorities to drawback up the 2nd Test, after the WA authorities boldly made that request.

It means Perth volition wholly miss retired connected an Ashes Test this series, putting Bellerive Oval successful Hobart arsenic the frontrunner to beryllium added to the docket arsenic the caller venue for the 5th Test.

The CA announcement ends weeks of speculation astir whether Perth's Optus Stadium volition beryllium capable to big a Test oregon not.

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The WA government's strict quarantine rules made it intolerable to instrumentality a lucifer there.

Last week the state's premier, Mark McGowan, confirmed helium would marque nary exceptions for travelling players, their families, oregon broadcast staff, and that anyone arriving successful WA would request to quarantine for 2 weeks.

Perth's audacious bid to steal second Test

With the 5th Test scheduled to statesman conscionable 5 days aft the 4th lucifer finishes successful Sydney, McGowan's stubborn stance made it logistically intolerable to manage.

The occidental authorities made an audacious proposition to determination the 2nd Test to Perth, distant from Adelaide which is presently dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19.

That proposition was mostly ridiculed and scoffed astatine fixed McGowan's refusal to play shot successful the archetypal place.

Now CA indispensable measure the options for the 5th Test.

Tasmania presently does not person an Ashes lucifer this summer, and has enactment its manus up to big 1 successful Hobart.

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Test fable Shane Warne suggested the Melbourne Cricket Ground big 2 matches, adding the 5th Test connected apical of the Boxing Day fixture a fortnight earlier.

The different evident enactment connected the array would beryllium the nation's capital, Canberra, wherever Manuka Oval has been snubbed for immoderate planetary cricket this summer.

"We are precise disappointed that we are incapable to signifier the 5th men's Ashes Test astatine Optus Stadium," Cricket Australia brag Nick Hockley said.

"We did everything we could successful concern with the WA authorities and WA cricket to marque it enactment nether the existent borderline and wellness arrangements, but unluckily this was not possible.

"We are peculiarly disappointed for Western Australian cricket fans who were truthful looking guardant to seeing the archetypal ever Ashes Test astatine the caller stadium."

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