Bannon Defense Team Makes Odd Request To Make All Case Documents Public

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As adjacent each know, Steve Bannon, an disconnected and connected subordinate of the Trump camp, has been arrested and charged with felony contempt of Congress owed to ignoring a subpoena to appear. The transgression proceedings volition proceed conscionable similar immoderate different but with greater scrutiny and much delicate documents. As often happens successful politically charged cases involving enforcement privilege, attorneys past week agreed that the justice should participate an bid that each find passed betwixt the parties beryllium kept secret.

But that was past week. This week, Bannon’s squad filed a question requesting that the tribunal merchandise the documents. Bannon’s ineligible “angle” successful this assertion is hard to discern.

According to the Washington Post:

Bannon, 67, pleaded not blameworthy past week to contempt-of-Congress charges, and his ineligible squad antecedently argued that the lawsuit would beryllium much analyzable by agreeing to the prosecution’s protective bid for discovery. 

“Members of the nationalist should marque their ain autarkic judgement arsenic to whether the U.S. Department of Justice is committed to a conscionable effect based upon each the facts,” said a connection provided to The Washington Post connected behalf of Bannon. “In the absorption filed today, Mr. Bannon asked the justice to travel the mean process and let unfettered entree to and usage of the documents.” 

Yes, arsenic astir know, generally, transgression lawsuit files are disposable to the public. This is however the media is capable to study assertions and grounds successful the case. Though, arsenic said above, it is hard to precisely discern Bannon’s motive, determination is an denotation successful the connection of the document. Bannon wants the “public” (aka MAGAs) involved, specified that the MAGAs tin enactment the DOJ and Committee connected proceedings and marque the DOJ look to beryllium operating retired of bounds successful this case.

Bannon’s ineligible squad argued that the authorities offered small crushed the documents should beryllium withheld from nationalist view, adding that galore of the documents that would beryllium restricted by the projected protective bid successful this lawsuit are already public.

Again, we are near to speculate, but the astir logical explanation, should Occam measurement successful with his razor, is that the government’s documents incorporate accusation that would uncover wherever the committee stands successful its enactment and its justification for needing Bannon’s grounds and wherefore it should not beryllium considered privileged.

We volition travel up with the judge’s ruling erstwhile it is made. Rulings specified arsenic these tin instrumentality a mates of hours oregon up to a week.

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