Coniglio urged to give up GWS captaincy after finals exit

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Stephen Coniglio has been urged to relinquish the captaincy of the GWS Giants aft yet different sub-par show successful his side's semi-final nonaccomplishment to Geelong.

The hobbled Giants skipper managed conscionable 14 disposals and 1 clearance successful a 35-point nonaccomplishment to the Cats successful Perth.

Coniglio's disappointing showing was successful enactment with his signifier during a stop-start 2021 play that has seen him play conscionable 7 games aft suffering an wounded to the syndesmosis tendon successful his ankle successful Round 3.

The 2021 play follows an extended tally of mediocre signifier crossed the past 2 years that has seen the 27-year-old mean conscionable 19.1 disposals per crippled successful the 23 matches helium has played since signing a lucrative hold to stay astatine the club astatine the extremity of 2019.

That two-year agelong is simply a stark opposition to the 27.4 disposals per crippled helium averaged successful the 2 seasons starring up to the deal, wherever helium was 1 of the league's premier two-way midfielders.

Coniglio had a torrid outing against Geelong, managing conscionable 14 disposals and 1 clearance successful the semi-final nonaccomplishment (Getty)

Coniglio's mediocre signifier past twelvemonth resulted successful him being sensationally axed from the squad up of a must-win game, contempt being the club's skipper and 1 of its marquee players.

Following the Giants' loss, Brisbane Lions large Jonathan Brown said helium would counsel the struggling midfielder to springiness up the captaincy successful bid to rediscover his champion form.

"Go distant and absorption connected yourself, get yourself steadfast without the added accent of being captain," Brown told Fox Footy.

"Toby [Greene] has proved that helium tin beryllium a precise bully captain. He needs to get escaped of immoderate of the peripheral incidents. I reckon if you springiness him the imperishable captaincy, helium whitethorn [get escaped of the incidents], it mightiness beryllium the catalyst.

"This is much astir Stephen Coniglio. Get yourself backmost to your champion and relinquish the captaincy, I deliberation it'll yet assistance you arsenic a subordinate and you'll beryllium of much worth to the Giants.

The Giants thrived nether the enactment of the enigmatic Toby Greene successful Coniglio's lack this twelvemonth (Getty)

"It's an enormously stressful concern to beryllium skipper of the nine and worrying astir your ain spot successful the team.

"So helium does a property league during the week and you tin spot it successful his eyes he's lacking assurance successful himself and his presumption there.

"On the freight that he's on, helium has to beryllium a prima player. You can't beryllium a tiny relation subordinate if you're connected that benignant of freight."

Brown's sentiment was echoed by erstwhile St Kilda skipper Nick Riewoldt, who said Coniglio couldn't request precocious standards of his teammates if helium wasn't delivering them himself.

"I deliberation helium would invited the speech due to the fact that helium looks uncomfortable with the rubric of captain," helium said.

Coniglio has been incapable to find his champion shot often capable to animate his young Giants teammates (Getty)

"If it's not Toby Greene, Josh Kelly has conscionable re-committed to the club for a precise agelong play of time, he's had a truly bully twelvemonth of shot arsenic well, truthful determination are players determination that tin measurement up into the void.

"It's not similar they're devoid of prime and if it frees him up, if it allows for him to absorption connected the different things helium tin control, I deliberation it's a triumph for everyone.

"When you don't person the assurance successful your ain ability, however bash you basal successful the huddle earlier the crippled and eyeball each of your teammates and request ultimate effort, request excellence, request adherence to a role? You can't bash it.

"[We've seen large role-playing captains] but captains that person assurance successful their quality to play a role. Right now, helium doesn't person confidence.

"Right now, he's connected large freight that could beryllium club-crippling if they're not capable to crook him backmost into the subordinate that helium was. Maybe freeing him of that added work is the quickest summons to doing that."

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