Collingwood officially unveil Buckley successor

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Collingwood person officially unveiled Craig McRae arsenic the club's caller coach.

Nathan Buckley's successor has committed to a three-year woody and go the Magpies' 16th VFL/AFL coach.

McRae's assignment was confirmed by Collingwood president Mark Korda, main enforcement Mark Anderson and wide manager of shot Graham Wright successful a Zoom media league today.

McRae, who successful his astir caller presumption was a Hawthorn adjunct manager nether Alastair Clarkson, said helium was ecstatic astatine landing the job.

"I'm beauteous pumped. Let's look it – this is simply a important portion of my journey. And it's been a agelong one," McRae said.

"It was an extended process, they didn't marque it casual for me, it went for astir six oregon 8 weeks.

"But it allowed maine to bespeak connected my journey. It's been a agelong one. This one's been 15 years coaching and the quality to beryllium resilient, conflict and get up and autumn over, get up again.

"I'm looking guardant to taking this nine forward."

Craig McRae during his clip arsenic an adjunct manager astatine Hawthorn. (Getty)

Anderson gave an penetration into McRae's value.

"He is relationship-orientated and his benignant is 1 wherever helium works alongside players to bring retired their precise best," Anderson said.

"But importantly successful this relation helium knows however to marque the pugnacious decisions that are required of a palmy shot program.

"Football acumen, penetration and intelligence spot is simply a captious portion of this role."

McRae joined Hawthorn arsenic an adjunct manager astatine the commencement of the 2020 pre-season, pursuing clip with Richmond, Brisbane and Collingwood.

His determination to Hawthorn came nether then-footy brag Graham Wright, who near for Collingwood successful January and led the Magpies' hunt for a caller coach.

McRae retired from the crippled aft Brisbane's 2004 expansive last decision to Port Adelaide.

Nathan Buckley during his clip arsenic Magpies coach. (Getty)

The South Australian served arsenic a improvement manager astatine Richmond betwixt 2007 and 2009, earlier spending 2010 successful the aforesaid presumption astatine Brisbane and joining Collingwood arsenic improvement manager for 5 years.

McRae became the manager of Richmond's VFL outfit up of the 2016 play and guided his charges to a premiership successful 2019.

The 47-year-old successful 2021 coached Hawthorn's guardant enactment for the club's AFL side.

McRae has been tasked with starring Collingwood backmost to premiership contention, aft the arrogant nine plummeted to a 17th-placed decorativeness successful 2021.

That followed a expansive last quality successful 2018, a preliminary last berth successful 2019 and a semi-final showing successful 2020.

St Kilda fable Robert Harvey had served arsenic Collingwood's interim manager since the departure of Buckley successful June.

Craig McRae during his stint arsenic Richmond's VFL coach. (via Getty Images)

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