Cities and states with the fastest internet speeds

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COVID-19 has highlighted the value of high-speed net entree for distant workers and students learning online, but not each areas connection adjacent entree to the interwebs.


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High-speed net connectivity is the integer lifeblood of distant workers and radical learning online, but not each areas of the globe connection adjacent entree to the interwebs. Earlier this year, released a report detailing the fastest and slowest net speeds based connected state-by-state connectivity stats. So, which authorities has the snappiest net speeds and wherever are radical astir apt to beryllium booted from the Zoom Room?

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Fastest and slowest net speeds successful the U.S.

"The power to distant enactment and online learning has truly opened up the speech surrounding net entree successful America," said Laura Leininger, a unit researcher astatine "Because determination is specified a quality successful net entree betwixt agrarian and municipality states, the pandemic has added further accent to Americans who are forced to marque owed with laggy net and dilatory download speeds."

Overall, Rhode Island topped the database successful presumption of mean download velocity astatine 129.0 Mbps, with New Jersey (120.4 Mbps), Delaware (119.1 Mbps), Maryland (118.2 Mbps), and Washington, D.C. (117.7 Mbps) rounding retired the apical five. In order, Virginia, Massachusetts, Texas, California and New York implicit the apical 10, according to

On the flip side, Montana sits astatine the precise bottommost of the database arsenic the slowest authorities successful the U.S. for connectivity with a mean download velocity of 54.4 Mbps, followed by West Virginia (55.2 Mbps), Idaho (55.4 Mbps) Maine (56.3 Mbps) and Wyoming (60 Mbps).

"The quality successful mean net velocity betwixt the fastest state, Rhode Island (129.0 Mbps), and the slowest state, Montana (54.4 Mbps) is drastic, which decidedly plays a relation successful however slower net states are capable to header with the long-lasting pandemic," Leininger said.

Top cities for net connectivity

A abstracted report takes a much granular look astatine connectivity information and ranks the champion and worst cities for net access. In this roundup, Washington, D.C., claims the apical spot for mean mean velocity ranking among U.S. metro areas, followed by Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City and Boston successful order. Conversely, Charleston, West Virginia, Boise, Idaho, Toledo, Ohio, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Scranton, Pennsylvania ranked arsenic the areas with the slowest net connectivity.

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The integer divide: Gaps successful connectivity

The digital disagreement crossed the U.S has been highlighted during COVID-19 arsenic companies and schools switched to distant operations implicit the past twelvemonth and a half. Overall, the FCC said that "fewer than 14.5 million" radical successful the U.S. "Americans without entree to 25/3 Mbps broadband service" astatine the extremity of December 2019, down from 18.1 cardinal astatine the extremity of the erstwhile year, according to the commissions Broadband Deployment Report released successful January.

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