Cisco's SD-WAN connects electric race car on the Red Bull track with a driver 43 miles away

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A driverless car volition bash a thigh earlier the races successful Spielberg, Austria this weekend.


A racecar operator volition usage a web built by the Riedel Group with Cisco components to instrumentality the DTM Electric Demo Car astir the Red Bull Ring.

Image: Cisco

Race car operator Tim Heinemann is going to instrumentality a thigh astir the Red Bull Ring this play successful an electrical car from 43 miles away. The racetrack is successful Spielberg, Austria, but Heinemann volition beryllium successful a driving simulator successful Graz, Austria. 

The DTM Electric Demo Car volition deed 124 miles per hr during the Electric Remote Run earlier the races connected Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5. Cisco's networking exertion volition link the contention car and the driver. John Joyal, a Cisco Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Networking, explained connected the Cisco blog the show demands connected the network:

"At this speed, 20 milliseconds of latency successful the transportation translates to a metre traveled. The round-trip clip betwixt the simulator operator successful Graz and the car connected the Red Bull Ring way is lone 2ms for the WAN and astir 5ms for the vigor network. That's precise adjacent to the velocity of light."

Riedel Communications built the web for the contention way and utilized Cisco's Software-defined Wide Area Network and Catalyst 8300 Edge level for the superior connection, which runs implicit nonstop fibre implicit an MPLS link. Cisco's Catalyst Cellular Gateways provides a backup transportation successful lawsuit the MPLS nexus goes down.  

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The Riedel Network supports the distant steering nexus and video feeds from the car to the operator and from the operator to the pitman astatine the racetrack. The web besides carries intercom communications.

Michael Resl, manager of contention and exertion astatine DTM, said successful a property merchandise that the task was conceived of and turned into world successful 5 months, owed successful portion to the fig of partners supporting the project. In summation to Riedel and Cisco, Schaeffler led task absorption and distant operation. 

Resl said during a speech astir the distant run that the lawsuit brings autonomous driving elements to racing to amended information and monitoring. He said that different enactment successful the aboriginal would beryllium to tally the information car remotely during races.

During the aforesaid conversation, Daniel Kohl of Schaeffler said that though distant power is not a caller skill, distant power astatine precocious velocity is. The car volition scope astir 124 miles per hour.

"We person wholly caller challenges successful presumption of latency of the full strategy and the feedback we springiness to the operator and the prime of the video watercourse we generate," Kohl said. "Integrating each those systems into the car and getting it moving was 1 hellhole of a job."

The car is portion of DTM's program for a afloat electrified contention series–its archetypal tally was astir a twelvemonth ago. 

Benedikt Böhme, managing manager astatine DTM, said successful a property release that the distant tally shows elements that could beryllium utilized successful the aboriginal successful a new, global, electrified contention series.

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