Chip shortage to continue well into 2022, claims Toshiba

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(Pocket-lint) - We person plentifulness of banal proviso issues erstwhile it comes to electronics successful the past year. Chip shortages person meant that games consoles, immoderate user electronics, and adjacent cars person been hard to get oregon person suffered transportation delays.

Sadly, it's not thing that's going to beryllium solved successful the adjacent twelvemonth neither. According to Toshiba, astatine least.

It has admitted that it volition conflict to conscionable request for its power-regulating chips - arsenic utilized successful cars and user kit - done the extremity of this twelvemonth and good into 2022.

"The proviso of chips volition stay precise choky until astatine slightest September adjacent year,” said Toshiba Corp's manager successful complaint of semi conductors, Takeshi Kamebuchi (as reported by Bloomberg).

"In immoderate cases, we whitethorn find immoderate customers not being afloat served until 2023."

The enforcement added that immoderate spot makers are prioritorising car manufacturers, arsenic assembly lines are babelike connected the technology. It is said that Volkswagen and the Toyota Motor Group person some had to halt oregon trim accumulation implicit the past twelvemonth owed to the shortages.

Other electronics manufacturers are adjacent being encouraged to redesign circuit boards to trim the fig of affected components required. Sony has precocious released a slightly rejigged PS5, for example.

“We see which lawsuit faces the astir terrible situation, specified arsenic the hazard of the full accumulation enactment halting oregon the concern getting obliterated without the proviso of chips," said Kamebuchi.

"Games console makers are among the customers making the strongest demands and I’m sincerely atrocious for their vexation arsenic nary of them person a 100 per cent satisfaction."

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 3 September 2021.

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