ChangeNOW Announces Fixed Rates Update

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ChangeNOW has announced an update for the fixed complaint functionality connected their cryptocurrency speech platform. The changes progressive interface, transaction time, speech limits, and the size of the rates during a fixed complaint exchange.

 The fixed rates exchanges volition present beryllium processed with enhanced speed, without immoderate information cutback for each of the 211 crypto assets that enactment the fixed complaint functionality, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Cardano, Doge, and Ripple among them. ChangeNOW is going to support adding caller coins to this list.

The update besides touches upon respective interface adjustments. Once a ChangeNOW lawsuit agrees to a fixed rate, the timepiece is acceptable for 2 minutes to make a transaction, and for 20 much minutes to nonstop a deposit aft the transaction is created. Now the clip is indicated close successful the calculator supra the last speech magnitude box. A tiny fastener icon successful this container enables ChangeNOW users to take whether they privation to usage the fixed rates enactment oregon enactment with floating rate. Same icons connected the supported currencies page people each 211 currencies disposable to proceed with fixed rates exchange.

According to Mike Ermolaev, caput of PR astatine ChangeNOW, this determination volition springiness users much state of prime successful exchanging their funds: “Prices and fees successful the crypto satellite are ever unstable. Coins tin crook bullish oregon bearish astatine immoderate moment, adjacent portion a transaction is occurring. That’s wherefore erstwhile exchanging 1 coin with different crypto oregon fiat, the mean idiosyncratic lone has an approximate thought of their full sum pursuing conversion. The last sum tin beryllium bigger oregon little than expected depending connected marketplace behavior.

 Fixed speech rates are a means of changing this concern and making the full process much comfy for users. This recently updated diagnostic lets ChangeNOW users cognize the nonstop sum they volition get successful the currency into which they are exchanging. After a idiosyncratic selects a fixed complaint option, they are hedged against the marketplace volatility, arsenic ChangeNOW takes each the rate-related risks and protects them from the complaint fluctuations. However, this diagnostic is optional, we volition permission it up to users to determine whether they privation fixed oregon floating speech rates connected transactions.”

 As of now, this update is disposable some for the Android and iOS versions of ChangeNOW, arsenic good arsenic the web. The caller perks besides enactment done ChangeNOW’s API v2 and v1.

About ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is simply a limitless crypto speech offering accelerated crypto swaps with nary hidden fees. It remains 1 of the biggest proponents for crypto adoption among mainstream audiences and aims to supply a safe, private, and user-friendly situation arsenic portion of a larger drawstring of efforts to propulsion the crypto manufacture into the future.

Crypto speech connected ChangeNOW is fast, cheap, and transparent; users tin swap crypto not lone done the ChangeNOW website, but besides via dedicated apps connected iOS and Android mobile devices.

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