CBS changing 'The Activist' in response to backlash

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(CNN)The archetypal format of "The Activist" volition beryllium scrapped pursuing pointed disapproval of the CBS amusement that was echoed by 1 of the program's ain judges.

In a connection to CNN, the web on with accumulation partners Global Citizen and Live Nation, said, "The Activist was designed to amusement a wide assemblage the passion, agelong hours, and ingenuity that activists enactment into changing the world, hopefully inspiring others to bash the same."

"However, it has go evident the format of the amusement arsenic announced distracts from the captious enactment these unthinkable activists bash successful their communities each day," the connection reads. "The propulsion for planetary alteration is not a contention and requires a planetary effort. As a result, we are changing the format to region the competitory constituent and reimagining the conception into a primetime documentary peculiar (air day to beryllium announced)."

    The forthcoming bid had primitively been billed arsenic 1 successful which six activists from astir the satellite travel unneurotic "to bring meaningful alteration to 1 of 3 urgent cosmopolitan causes: health, acquisition and the environment.

      "The activists volition vie successful missions, media stunts, integer campaigns and assemblage events aimed astatine garnering the attraction of the world's astir almighty decision-makers, demanding enactment now."

      But the conception was rapidly condemned connected societal media and successful quality reports arsenic "tone deaf," "performative" and "awful."

      "Thank you for utilizing your voices, calling maine in, your accountability, and your candor," wrote Hough, who is simply a justice on with Usher and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. "I americium profoundly listening with an unfastened bosom and mind."

      Hough besides cited critics who said the amusement "promoted pseudoactivism implicit existent activism," which alternatively than assistance up the enactment of activists, she said, fueled "hypocrisy."

      She promised to talk with the "powers that be" astir the bid and they were seemingly listening, too.

      Moving guardant the caller amusement "will showcase the tireless enactment of six activists and the interaction they person advocating for causes they profoundly judge in," and "each activistic volition beryllium awarded a currency assistance for the enactment of their choice, arsenic was planned for the archetypal show," according to CBS's statement

      "Activists and assemblage leaders astir the satellite enactment each day, often without fanfare, to beforehand protections for people, communities, and our planet," the connection read. "We anticipation that by showcasing their enactment we volition animate much radical to go much progressive successful addressing the world's astir pressing issues. We look guardant to highlighting the ngo and lives of each of these unthinkable people."

      Global Citizen, 1 of the organizations down the show, provided a connection to CNN apologizing.

        "Global activism centers connected collaboration and cooperation, not competition. We apologize to the activists, hosts, and the larger activistic assemblage — we got it wrong," the connection read. "It is our work to usage this level successful the astir effectual mode to recognize alteration and elevate the unthinkable activists dedicating their lives to advancement each astir the world."

        The timing of the show's debut volition beryllium announced astatine a aboriginal date.

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