Sick of Windows? How to log into and start using Linux

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Jack Wallen continues his instauration to Linux for caller users, this clip walking done the process of logging in, updating and installing applications.


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I started utilizing Linux successful '97, and successful the past mates of weeks, I've really watched Linux inclination connected Twitter astatine slightest 3 times. That's thing I ne'er thought I'd see, but americium thrilled it's happened. To me, that's a motion the open-source operating strategy is starting to summation much and much marketplace stock connected the desktop.

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As the Linux desktop marketplace stock continues to climb, it means much and much caller users volition beryllium hopping connected board. That's wherefore I started this caller "Sick of Windows?" bid that walks caller users done each measurement of utilizing the open-source operating system. First I demonstrated how to test-drive Linux and followed it up with how to instal Linux. During this series, I've utilized simple OS arsenic an example. The crushed is that simple OS offers 1 of the cleanest and simplest experiences (with 1 exception—more connected that successful a bit) successful each of Linux land. Does that mean it's the champion organisation to use? Not necessarily. And fixed there's a immense array of distributions to take from, determination is thing for everyone. The bully quality is that the installation of simple OS is simply a large practice of however casual Linux is to install. If you tin instal this operating system, you tin instal Ubuntu, Linux Mint, ZorinOS, Deepin and conscionable astir immoderate of the modern versions of Linux.

With that said, we're going to instrumentality our adjacent measurement guardant by logging successful and utilizing the operating system. I privation to amusement you conscionable however casual it is to get up to velocity with Linux connected the desktop.

What you'll request

I'm going to proceed utilizing simple OS arsenic the example, truthful you'll request a moving lawsuit of that desktop OS and that's it.

How to log successful and update the OS

You mightiness beryllium asking, "Why would helium fuss showing america however to log into a desktop?" The reply is simple—because I don't privation to presume anything. 

So, to log into simple OS, commencement up your machine and hold for the login screen. When you spot the login surface (Figure A) benignant your username (which isn't your name, but the username you created during installation) and your password.

Figure A


The simple OS login screen.

After your archetypal login, you'll beryllium greeted by a invited app (Figure B), which allows you to acceptable up a fewer features specified arsenic the look of the desktop, enabling Night Light, automatic deletion of aged impermanent and trashed files, online accounts and installing applications. 

Figure B


The simple OS invited app.

You don't person to interest astir immoderate of these configurations, arsenic they tin each beryllium taken attraction of later.

One of the archetypal things you should bash is cheque for updates. Take a look astatine the AppCenter icon connected the sheet (far end, looks similar a small store front). A reddish ellipse with a fig (Figure C) indicates determination are updates available.

Figure C


The simple OS App Center indicating determination are updates available.

Click the AppCenter icon and past click the Installed tab. Here (Figure D) is wherever you tin instal each disposable upgrades.

Figure D


The AppCenter updates tab is acceptable to upgrade immoderate apps.

That fig 5 was a spot misleading. One of those updates is for the operating strategy itself. As you tin spot above, determination are 51 OS constituent updates. It's precise important that you ever instal updates arsenic soon arsenic they go disposable (so you tin support your operating strategy and its apps up-to-date and secure).

Click Update each and the upgrade volition begin. 

How to find and instal applications

One of the things you should beryllium alert of is that simple OS ships with a bare minimum of applications. This is besides wherever it veers distant from being arsenic idiosyncratic affable arsenic it could be. If you click connected Applications successful the apical near country (Figure E), the app paper volition open.

Figure E


The simple OS desktop includes the applications paper for uncovering and launching applications.

Scroll done the simple OS paper (Figure F), and you'll spot however fewer applications are installed retired of the box.

Figure F


The simple OS paper seems a spot barren astatine first.

You'll find the pursuing utile apps:

  • Mail—read, send, delete email (and spam).
  • Music—play your favourite songs.
  • Tasks—keep a database of each the tasks you person to instrumentality attraction of.
  • Calculator—add, subtract ... you get the idea.
  • Document Viewer—view each those PDFs radical nonstop you.
  • Videos—watch videos.
  • Web—browse TechRepublic (and different sites).

At this point, you're astir apt thinking, "That's not capable applications to assistance maine get my enactment done!" Fret not, the AppCenter is your friend. Let maine amusement you however to instal the LibreOffice bureau suite.

Normally, I'd simply say, unfastened the AppCenter, hunt for LibreOffice and click Free, and past click Free again. However, adjacent the simple OS AppCenter is beauteous bereft of galore of the tools you mightiness need. If we were utilizing Ubuntu (or a akin distribution) the bundle installer GUI would person considerably much entries. Hopefully, this is thing the simple OS developers volition code successful the aboriginal (otherwise, I mightiness person to halt recommending this organisation for caller users).

Let's fixt that. A connection of caution, we're going to usage the terminal window. Don't worry: It's simple.

Open the Applications paper and click Terminal. Once the terminal opens, type:

sudo apt-get instal snapd -y

Hit Enter connected your keyboard to tally the command. When prompted, benignant your idiosyncratic password and deed Enter again. Once drawback enactment has been installed, you tin instal LibreOffice with the command:

sudo drawback instal libreoffice

This volition instal LibreOffice and adhd an introduction to the Applications menu. The installation mightiness instrumentality immoderate time, due to the fact that installing via drawback isn't astir arsenic accelerated arsenic installing done AppCenter.

And that, my friends, is 1 of the astir challenging things you'll person to bash connected desktop Linux. And remember, if you're utilizing a organisation similar Ubuntu, you won't adjacent person to bash that. Hopefully, this mightiness sway the simple OS developers to adhd drawback enactment to the AppCenter by default (so it's easier for caller users to instal the applications they need).

That is however you usage Linux. I'm going to proceed this series, but displacement to Ubuntu Linux, truthful you tin get an adjacent amended consciousness for however casual the open-source desktop operating strategy is to use.

Enjoy your newfound freedom.

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