Deanna Daughtry denies homicide speculation about daughter's death

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(CNN)Deanna Daughtry is denying that she and her hubby Chris Daughtry are fueling speculation astir their big daughter's death.

Little accusation has been offered publically astir her passing and Deanna Daughtry took to her Instagram account to constitute "The quality floating astir that we said our daughter's decease is being investigated arsenic a homicide is false!"

    "We were not told that and ne'er said that to anyone!," she wrote. "The time Hannah was recovered I shared immoderate concerns I had with immoderate radical I cognize and said we won't cognize thing for definite till aft they implicit the investigation. Someone took that and went moving with it oregon they talked to idiosyncratic other who past made assumptions and went moving to the property with it."

      Daughtry went connected to adhd "None of america tin spell jumping to conclusions."

      "I mislaid my kid and I'm having to present besides woody with rumors and assumptions astir her," the caption read. "The radical who loved her are successful symptom and we are mourning they are not talking to the press, they are not spreading rumors and they definite arsenic hellhole are not making this astir themselves. So everyone delight conscionable stop!"

        She requested that radical let the probe to play retired and thanked those who person been supportive.

        "To the beauteous humans who are sending america their prayers, love, and kindness during this time, we convey you," Daughtry wrote. "We are not capable to scope retired to you each individually arsenic I'm definite you recognize but delight cognize we are thankful for radical similar you."

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