Calls for relocation hit embattled Wests Tigers

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Rugby league icons Phil Gould and Paul Gallen stock the sensational content that Wests Tigers are successful hopeless request of relocating from Concord to Campbelltown, pursuing different dreadful season.

The comments of Gallen and Gould travel Wests' 38-0 pummeling astatine the hands of wooden-spooners Canterbury connected Sunday, which brought to adjacent a 10th play successful succession without finals football.

As Nine's 100% Footy sheet dissected the Tigers mess, Gallen asked Gould if the embattled club, which formed successful a merge betwixt Western Suburbs Magpies and the Balmain Tigers up of the 2000 season, should relocate from Concord to Campbelltown.

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The reasoning down Gallen's question was the stronger inferior rugby league strategy successful Sydney's south-west than successful the inner-west country of the city.

Wests Tigers players cutting dejected figures. (Getty)

"I look astatine what you did astatine Penrith (as wide manager of football) – and present Penrith are flying astatine the moment, obviously," Gallen said to Gould.

"But you had that large inferior nursery retired determination to physique from and you accidental it each the clip that you've got to physique from within.

"They've got Campbelltown retired there, thing going connected retired there, a immense inferior nursery retired there.

"Would (the Tigers) beryllium amended moving to Campbelltown? Building a large installation retired determination truthful kids retired determination successful Campbelltown person thing to strive for, alternatively than being astatine Concord? How overmuch inferior footy is played astatine Concord?"

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Gould past explained that portion the high-flying Panthers had bolstered their squad with respective players from extracurricular their inferior system, astatine the halfway of Penrith's occurrence is their integrated talent.

Gould, who's present moving arsenic the Bulldogs' wide manager of football, said the Tigers indispensable travel the Panthers' blueprint successful their bid to look from their decade-long woes.

Wests Tigers players lament conceding a try. (Getty)

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"I don't recognize the basal astatine Concord ... for the aboriginal of Wests Tigers," Gould said.

"And we speech astir what happened astatine the Panthers ... and the academy and the inferior league, the large inferior league. At the Panthers, we had to enlistee from extracurricular the inferior league. All the answers weren't successful the inferior league. We gave each inferior subordinate the accidental to play for the Panthers and we developed them through.

"But Isaah Yeo and James Fisher-Harris and Matt Burton and ... Charlie Staines – they each came from outside. Corey Harawira-Naera and these players. They each came from New Zealand oregon NSW state erstwhile we expanded retired into there.

"But (the Panthers) got the inferior league right. Every kid that was successful the inferior league they got and they kept and they held and they're inactive playing there.

"And Wests Tigers haven't adjacent done that. That's wherever they request to get to – and the biggest accidental for (that) is south-west Sydney: retired determination successful that Campbelltown group-six area, which is increasing unbelievably, each the mode from Campbelltown crossed to Penrith and retired wherever the caller airdrome is going to beryllium and backmost into Liverpool ... The country is monolithic and nary 1 is looking aft it."

Rugby league guru Phil Gould. (Getty)

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