Fauci: Omicron ‘Very Different From Other Variants’

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Nov. 30, 2021 -- The recently detected Omicron COVID-19 variant whitethorn beryllium highly infectious and little responsive to disposable vaccines than different mutations, but it is excessively aboriginal to cognize however it compares to the Delta variant, apical infectious illness authoritative Anthony Fauci, MD, said Tuesday.

Fauci, speaking astatine a White House COVID-19 briefing, said there’s a “very antithetic constellation of changes” crossed the COVID-19 genome that indicates it is dissimilar immoderate variant we person seen truthful far.

“This mutational illustration is precise antithetic from different variants of involvement and concern, and though immoderate mutations are besides recovered successful Delta, this is not Delta,” helium said. “These mutations person been associated with summation transmissibility and immune evasion.”

Omicron is the 5th COVID-19 variant of concern.

Detected archetypal successful South Africa, Omicron has been recovered successful 20 countries truthful far. There are nary known cases yet successful the United States, but it has been detected successful Canada.

Omicron has much than 30 mutations to the spike macromolecule -- the portion of the microorganism that binds to quality cells, Fauci said.

Though the mutations suggest determination is accrued transmission of this variant, helium said it is excessively soon to cognize however this compares to the Delta variant. And though the vaccines whitethorn not beryllium arsenic effectual against Omicron, helium said determination volition apt beryllium immoderate protection.

“Remember, arsenic with different variants, though partial immune flight whitethorn occur, vaccines -- peculiarly boosters -- springiness a level of antibodies that, adjacent with variants similar Delta, springiness you a grade of cross-protection, peculiarly against terrible disease,” Fauci said.

“When we accidental that though these mutations suggest a diminution of extortion and a grade of immune evasion, we still, from acquisition with Delta, tin marque a tenable decision that you would not destruct each extortion against this peculiar variant.”

So far, determination is nary crushed to judge Omicron volition origin much terrible unwellness than different variants of concern.

“Although immoderate preliminary accusation from South Africa suggests nary antithetic symptoms associated with the variant, we bash not know, and it is excessively aboriginal to tell,” Fauci said.

He recommended that radical proceed to deterioration masks, lavation their hands, and debar crowded indoor venues. Most importantly, helium recommended that everyone get their vaccines and boosters.

“One happening has go wide implicit the past 20 months: We can’t foretell the future, but we tin beryllium prepared for it,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, said astatine the briefing. “We person acold much tools to combat the variant contiguous than we did astatine this clip past year.”

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