Tornado Hits Nursing Home in Arkansas, Killing at Least 2

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The tornado, which deed Monette Manor, besides earnestly injured astatine slightest 5 others.

Dec. 10, 2021, 10:28 p.m. ET

At slightest 2 radical were killed and 5 were injured erstwhile a tornado deed a nursing location successful northeast Arkansas connected Friday night, according to a region official.

The tornado deed the nursing home, Monette Manor, astatine astir 8:15 p.m. section time, prompting a ample effect from the constabulary and exigency workers successful the area, according to the official, Marvin Day, the Craighead County judge.

“Our search-and-rescue folks person worked their mode done the gathering and person confirmed 2 deaths and 5 superior injuries,” Mr. Day said successful an interview, adding that it was not wide however galore radical mightiness inactive beryllium successful the building. A authorities website says the nursing location had 86 licensed beds.

“We cognize determination are different radical there; we conscionable don’t cognize the grade of their injuries,” Mr. Day said, adding that different residential buildings successful the country had besides been damaged. “It’s conscionable truly heartbreaking,” helium said.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said that reports from exigency absorption officials indicated that a tornado had besides struck successful adjacent Mississippi County. “First responders are connected the scene,” Mr. Hutchinson wrote on Twitter.

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