Brothers claim mother, sister buried in backyard

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LYONS, Ill. (WLS) -- Investigators successful southwest suburban Lyons are preparing to excavation Friday for bodies that could beryllium buried successful a backyard.

Excavation instrumentality volition get Friday to statesman digging successful the backyard aft 2 brothers said their household members are buried there.

The probe started aft the h2o institution alerted constabulary that h2o hadn't been utilized astatine the location successful the 3900-block of Center Avenue. Gas and electrical usage had besides been minimal.

Upon arriving they recovered a terrible lawsuit of hoarding. The location contained jars filled with urine and piles possessions passim the 2 communicative home, arsenic good arsenic aggregate cats and dogs moving astir the property.

"It was aggregate liters of urine," said Lyons Police Chief Thomas Herion. "There was nary moving toilets. Every room, the beforehand door, the backdoor were wholly barricaded with debris, boxes."

Neighbors besides mentioned they hadn't seen 1 of the brothers who lives determination successful days.

"Sunday to today," Herion said. "We cognize it's a cardinal degrees successful there, truthful started getting acrophobic possibly they had passed."

"They tried talking to him," said neighbour Martha Aranda-Castaneda. "He didn't privation them going successful the location but they needed to cheque connected his German shepherd. They came backmost retired close distant and enactment connected afloat hazmat suits."

Police said they spoke to 2 men who lived there, brothers, who they said endure from intelligence illness. They told constabulary they utilized a broadside model successful the location to travel and spell arsenic the doors wouldn't open.

"He said helium had different member upstairs who had immoderate wellness issues," said Herion.

As constabulary treated him, the member known by neighbors told constabulary his parent and sister had besides lived with them. They besides told constabulary that their parent and sister had died and were buried successful the backyard.

"Where are they? He indicated they were buried successful the backmost yard, helium said, 'Oh they got sick, they died and we conscionable buried them successful the backyard,'" Herion said.

According to police, the brothers claimed their mother, who was successful her 70s, had died of COVID successful 2019, but constabulary became suspicious since COVID-19 was not detected successful the U.S. until the outpouring of 2020.

The brothers besides claimed their 44-year-old sister had deed her caput and died, and they had buried her successful the backmost gait arsenic well, constabulary said.

The authorities of Illinois has nary grounds of those deaths.
The brothers said their begetter had died successful 2012 and they had cremated him.

Both brothers were taken to for carnal and intelligence valuation astatine a hospital, but person not been placed nether arrest.

The Lyons Police Department is moving with the Cook County State's Attorney to statesman an investigation.

"Based connected what we're told, astatine this constituent successful time, I would beryllium amazed if they're not there," Herion said.

Police said they are presently treating this arsenic a homicide investigation, but cautioned the brothers could beryllium telling the truth.

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