Stop The Steal Organizer’s 1/6 Committee Cooperation Is Very Bad For Trump

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The organizer of the Stop The Steal rally is cooperating with the 1/6 Committee and volition supply grounds and documents.

The New York Times reported:

Ali Alexander, a salient organizer of Stop the Steal rallies with ties to far-right members of Congress who sought to invalidate the 2020 predetermination results, is cooperating with the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, pledging to present a trove of documents that could shed airy connected the activities that preceded the attack.

The information of Mr. Alexander, who is scheduled to beryllium deposed by the sheet connected Thursday, could supply penetration into the quality and grade of the readying by President Donald J. Trump and his Republican allies successful Congress for their bid to overturn the predetermination connected Jan. 6. It could besides assistance clarify whether and to what grade the imaginable of unit was discussed oregon contemplated earlier oregon during the rampage.

The Committee Is Following The Coup Plot Straight To Trump

The practice of the Stop The Steal organizer volition assistance the 1/6 Committee capable successful immoderate blanks. The Committee is probing the relation of the White House successful readying the rally that resulted successful the onslaught connected the Capitol.

Presidents are barred from utilizing authoritative authorities resources for run activities. The Stop The Steal rally was not an authoritative statesmanlike event. Metadata is already connecting the White House to the effort to unit states to overturn the predetermination results. Should Alexander attest that the White House was coordinating the Stop The Steal rally, it volition supply much damning grounds that Donald Trump was trying to overthrow the United States government.

If the 1/6 Committee finds grounds of Trump’s sedition, they whitethorn person nary choice, but to urge that Trump beryllium prosecuted for his crimes.

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