Boy fighting for his life after metal hits him

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CHICAGO (CBS) — A small lad is warring for his beingness aft helium got deed successful the caput portion playing extracurricular astatine schoolhouse successful southeast Wisconsin past week.

CBS 2’s Asal Rezaei spoke with the boy’s godmother astir his information Monday.

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Alex Hook is 6 years aged and successful archetypal grade. He remained unconscious successful a Milwaukee infirmary Monday.

His household said 1 minute, helium was playing extracurricular during recess – and the next, helium was lying unconscious and bleeding from his head.

Now, helium is successful captious information astatine the hospital.

“Got a telephone telephone that determination had been an mishap astatine the school, and she had to get determination immediately,” said Alex’s aunt and godmother, Michelle Koertgen.

Koertgen said Alex’s ma got a telephone telephone Friday from Riverview Elementary School successful Silver Lake, Wisconsin, conscionable crossed the Illinois authorities line. When his ma got there, paramedics were already surrounding her small boy.

“He was unconscious,” Koertgen said. “He was having seizures, and bleeding profusely from the backmost of his head.”

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It was not wide what happened until the main checked schoolhouse surveillance video.

“That’s erstwhile she realized a idiosyncratic mowing the tract successful the median close crossed the street, wherever the kids are, changeable a projectile retired – and that’s what deed him successful the backmost of the head,” Koertgen aid.

A CT scan showed Alex had a fractured skull, and helium was rushed to exigency encephalon surgery. Doctors said a portion of the metallic that deed him was lodged successful his brain, and they had to region a portion of his skull.

In an induced coma done the weekend, the small lad continues to combat for his life.

“The mediocre kid is hooked up to much machines than you tin imagine,” Koertgen said.

Alex’s household said it is simply a horrible waiting game, and they won’t person an reply connected Alex’s condition, and what betterment look like, until helium wakes up.

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Alex’s household besides said portion some his parents person jobs and wellness insurance, it is not capable to screen the aesculapian bills that person been piling up. They person acceptable up a GoFundMe leafage for anyone who wants to help, and you tin find the nexus here.

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