Boxing world fumes at controversial Paul ruling

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Jake Paul's triumph implicit UFC large Tyron Woodley was marred by a judging controversy, with viewers near scratching their heads astatine the divided determination ruling.

Paul, the YouTube prima turned boxer, improved his nonrecreational grounds contiguous to 4-0 with the biggest scalp of his career.

The 24-year-old kicked things disconnected with a ascendant round, successful which helium landed six punches from 21 attempts arsenic Woodley struggled to support up, attempting conscionable six punches.

While Woodley stepped things up to go the aggressor during the 3rd circular earlier dominating Paul successful the fourth, the erstwhile UFC star's moments successful the combat were each excessively fleeting.

Over the eight-round bout, Paul looked the amended fighter, astatine slightest connected full punches landed - Paul landed 71 punches from 217 thrown (33 per cent), portion Woodley managed 52 from 163 swings (32 per cent).

Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley successful their cruiserweight bout during a Showtime pay-per-view lawsuit astatine Rocket Morgage Fieldhouse connected August 29, 2021 successful Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) (Getty)

Two of 3 judges scored successful favour of Paul - 77-75 and 78-74 - portion the different had Woodley, 77-75.

The 3 judges - Jaime Garayua, Phil Rogers and Dana DePaulo - agreed that rounds 1 and 2 went successful favour of Paul, with circular 4 going to Woodley.

The remaining rounds they each disagreed on.

Where fans were truly near scratching their heads was however Rogers scored the past 5 rounds of the combat successful favour of Woodley, which didn't beryllium good with either fighter.

Paul said the divided determination was "bull---t", and questioned "what they (judges) were looking at."

Meanwhile, Woodley said: "I consciousness similar I won the fight."

"The information 1 justice gave maine 2 rounds is laughable," Woodley added.

However, the bulk of combat fans appeared to hold with Paul arsenic a fig of high-profile US sporting figures took purpose astatine the judges.

Led by seasoned US media icons Skip Bayless and Chris Broussard, viewers flocked to societal media to vent their frustrations astatine the divided determination ruling.

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Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley get heated aft the fight

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