'Blues Clues' original host Steve Burns explains why he left the show

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(CNN)Thank you, Steve Burns for cluing america successful connected what happened erstwhile you near "Blues Clues."

The archetypal big of the fashionable 1990s Nickelodeon bid appears successful a video posted to the Nick Jr. verified Twitter relationship connected Tuesday.

In grant of the shows 25th anniversary, Burns talks astir his determination to abruptly depart the amusement successful 2002, which near galore viewers upset.

    "You retrieve however erstwhile we were younger, we utilized to tally astir and bent retired with Blue and find clues and speech to Mr. Salt and freak retired astir the message and bash each the amusive stuff?" Burns says successful the video. "And past 1 day, I was like, 'Oh hey, conjecture what? Big news, I'm leaving. Here's my member Joe, he's your caller champion friend,' and past I got connected a autobus and I near and we didn't spot each different for similar a truly agelong time? Can we conscionable speech astir that? Great. Because I recognize that was benignant of abrupt."

      Wearing the garment and chapeau helium sported arsenic host, Burns explained that helium near to be college. Burns added schoolhouse "was truly challenging by the way, but large due to the fact that I got to usage my caput and instrumentality a measurement astatine a clip and present I virtually americium doing galore of the things that I wanted to do."

      He besides noted each of the accomplishments some helium and the assemblage person had.

      "I mean we started retired with clues and now, it's what?," Burns said. "Student loans, and jobs and families? And immoderate of it has been benignant of hard, you know? I cognize you know."

      Then came the portion that truly deed america successful the feels.

        "I wanted to archer you that I truly couldn't person done each of that without your assistance and successful fact, each the assistance that you helped maine with erstwhile we were younger is inactive helping maine today, close now. And that's ace cool," helium said. "I conjecture I conscionable wanted to accidental that aft each these years, I ne'er forgot you. Ever. And I'm ace gladsome we're inactive friends."

        Cue each of the tears.

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