Billy Crudup and Hasan Minhaj talk Season 2 of 'The Morning Show'

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(CNN)It's his archetypal play of "The Morning Show," but it sounds similar Hasan Minhaj has been grooming for his relation for rather immoderate time.

"I've been playing a fake TV anchor for 7 years, truthful this wasn't a agelong for me," Minhaj joked astir going from "The Daily Show" to Netflix's "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj" and present his relation arsenic Eric connected "The Morning Show."

The caller play of the Apple TV+ amusement starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon starts streaming Friday.

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    It picks up amid the the fallout of the fictional greeting quality program's intersexual misconduct crisis, is acceptable astatine the opening of the pandemic and explores radical inequality.

      Minhaj told CNN helium appreciated the Emmy-award winning amusement tackling race.

      "I emotion that they integrated that," helium said. "As the United States was going done and continues to spell done a radical reckoning, 1 of the things I loved that was being addressed done the amusement is who gets a spot astatine the array and why. And I loved that they showed, truly successful rather large detail, however erstwhile caller voices participate the fray, however that pushes against the hegemony and radical don't similar that."

      "It wasn't a achromatic oregon achromatic answer," helium added. "It truly explored the grays."

      That dynamic is 1 of the crushed viewers person travel to bask "The Morning Show," which was inspired by CNN anchor and main media analogous Brian Stelter's 2013 non-fiction publication "Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV." (Stelter is simply a consulting shaper connected the series.)

      Billy Crudup, who returns to his critically-acclaimed relation arsenic fast-talking quality enforcement Cory Ellison, told CNN helium that "absolutely loves to beryllium a portion of a amusement that is funny successful this kid of discourse."

      "And this benignant of originative investigation of however radical navigate hard times unneurotic successful precocious unit jobs truthful you tin marque it dramatic," helium said. "They are inactive navigating the aforesaid things that everyone other is navigating. and I can't ideate a amended iteration of being an histrion than getting to bash that."

      Crudup said that for his character, things this play were "incredibly unpleasant."

      "Because helium could not manipulate and manhandle a caller coronavirus," helium said. "He did not recognize however to wholly reverse the bequest of endemic racism successful this country. He couldn't conceive of however to institute a satellite of equitable powerfulness sharing astatine the driblet of a dime."

        Minhaj could subordinate arsenic helium said this play "Everybody thinks they're the leader of their ain narrative."

        "When successful world there's times wherever we person our ain unsighted spots and biases and there's times wherever each the characters are incorrect oregon close successful their ain ways," helium said. "I emotion that. Because truthful overmuch of the quality is talking astir achromatic and achromatic binaries, this bid truly dives into the quality nuances of down these zeitgeisty issues."

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