Billy Bob Thornton and 'Goliath' cast on bringing the show to an end

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(CNN)Billy Bob Thornton is going to miss "just astir everything" astir playing Billy McBride connected "Goliath."

"I loved playing that quality which is precise akin to me," Thornton told CNN successful a caller interview. "I benignant of conscionable rolled retired of furniture mundane and went retired and did it arsenic if I were a lawyer successful LA."

The Amazon Prime bid astir a down and retired lawyer and his quest for redemption is successful its 4th and last season. McBride and friends are taking connected "Big Pharma," which Thorton said felt right.

    "Billy is not the type, I americium not the type, who likes the thought of large corporations telling america however we should unrecorded our lives," helium said. "I'm truly blessed that that was the last play due to the fact that I deliberation the improvement worked retired perfectly."

      Nina Arianda, who plays McBride's adjacent person and colleague, Patty Solis-Papagian, told CNN the ending of the bid was "bittersweet." She said she hopes audiences "enjoy the conclusion."

      "I anticipation we bring a existent consciousness of justness particularly with the taxable that we're dealing with this play which is the opioid situation successful America," she said. "You privation to conscionable each person a communal hug with the radical who person been with you for 4 seasons."

      Tania Raymonde, who stars plays enactment idiosyncratic and McBride's adjunct Brittany Gold, said "We've lived successful the tegument of these messed up, dysfunctional radical for truthful's similar a bittersweet goodbye."

      "But I'm precise arrogant of the show, of course," Raymonde said. "And besides I deliberation this past play is truthful good, if it's going to person to extremity this is simply a bully mode to decorativeness it off."

      Thornton, too, is arrogant of the enactment the formed has done and is pleased with however audiences person embraced the show.

        If it looks easy, there's a reason.

        "It was a existent joyousness to beryllium capable to play idiosyncratic that you truly understood," Thornton said.

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